Bald River Falls Day


Bald River Falls were roaring due to all the rain we have been having. It’s such a beautiful place. There was a couple getting married in front of the falls as we arrived, Guitar players and all. When anyone comes to visit us, it is a must to have your picture taken here. We always go to Tellico Plaines bakery first and load up on fantastic pastries and then head to the falls.

DSC_0057The Gang

  Strangers always will take pictures for you so you can all be in the pics. Then we do  the same in turn. Kind of another unwritten rule. People are generally so nice in Tennessee.


This is a must stop if you visit the Knoxville area.


Rog and I


Grandpa and Grandma


Jon and Kenya


Lindsey and Chad

We headed up to the first look out over the mountains. Then back home for dinner and a boat ride. We had a great time and hated to see the kids go back home.

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