Annual July Family Gathering

It seems every July the kids try to make it down, but this year they all made it together. Rog  thought it would be brilliant to rent a monster vehicle so we could all  be together for  the touring of Knoxville and the Smokey’s. This is the first year their grandma and grandpa are living in this area, so it was an extra special time for all. So 8 of us did the touring and site seeing all together and we had a ball. Lindsey and Chad arrive a day ahead of Jon and Kenya , so we went boating and swimming on the lake.  (Chads favorite) He also insisted he do the annual jumping off the silo which he successfully completed. Ollie had her new pink water vest and couldn’t wait to get into the water. Every year she gets better and better.DSC_0097

DSC_0003 Jon and Kenya arrived on Friday and we headed for  downtown Knoxville to eat at Tupelo Honey, an organic, fresh food restaurant. It was wonderful. Then a little shopping on Market Square and then off to Mast General. Everyone loves Mast General. It is a vintage style store with candy bins galore. It’s full of hiking and camping gear, old fashioned toys, kitchen stuff and any kind of soda you would like, chillin in the Coke cooler. Rog had Neehi Grape, yuk! Jon and Chad both have a candy problem.

DSC_0005Jon , Kenya, Chad and Lindsey waiting for a table.


DSC_0008 The whole crew.

DSC_0013Mast General Store Knoxville , Tennessee. A must see if you come to Knoxville. There is so much to do in Knoxville.

DSC_0012Jon and Kenya shopping for the perfect candy.

DSC_0016Chad and LInds already enjoying the stash. The store is full of rocking chairs. There are two levels and often have entertainment.

Then we headed back to the house for an evening boat ride.


Mom & Daughter time.DSC_0078

An evening boat ride is simply good for the sole. Ahhhhhhhh.DSC_0081

Getting home by dark. Whew I’m tired. More later.

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