Annie Slaon Paint Project


Well I finally get to start my first furniture project with Annie Sloan paint. I have been wanting to use this stuff after all the hype I have heard on blogs. I did buy a  little mini jar to paint one of my cigar boxes and it was like “buttah”.  Annie Sloan is a line of chalk paint and wax that requires NO PREP. Its hard to believe, but she states that is will cover just about anything. It’s tough stuff and gives such a soft look. I was really excited to try the wax. I would love to do my kitchen cabinets in it, which Annie Sloan highly recommends, but we’ll see how this goes. I painted all my kitchen cabinets many moons ago in another house and swore I’d never do that again. We’ll see. This was a black headboard that we got Lindsey for her twin when she went off to grad school. So now I plan to use it in the extra guest room. This is one coat of Annie Sloan Versailles color. It’s wonderful to use. It is $36.00 a quart, so I hoped it would cover well. I will do another coat.


Normally I would be painting in the garage, but since we are 45 or more inches of rain over the norm for this year so far, we are getting a bit of humidity, so I opted for my studio. Here is the start of the chest I got for $40.00 at an estate sale. It was really clean and the joints are tight. It will be great extra storage for linens and whatever else I add.


 I cant believe I was wearing a Sloans Hardware shirt to paint with Annnie Sloan paint. There is no connection. This is the first coat on the chest.


I completed everything and still have a little less than a 1/2 quart left. It dried nice and I love the wax finish. I brushed on the wax with a cheap Home Depot brush and hand rubbed it until is was a nice sheen. It dries pretty quickly and I will definitely use this paint again. Here is the furniture in the room.


I am really happy with the color. I completed my quilt that was intended for our king size bed and thought I would just finish it as a twin quilt. That was my inspiration for color of the walls and furniture. I’m happy I can use my vintage ladder in this room. I’m not done with the decorating details yet and the headboard needs to be attached to the frame, which Roger is doing as we speak.



This is going to be my Tennessee critter suite 🙂 That is the quilt that I blogged about making last year. The owl picture is on the left wall and was a picture I took up in the mountains after a deep snow. I was thrilled with this gift of opportunity. He just stared at me long enough to take the picture and off he was.


My mom gave me this lovely alabaster lamp that was in the house that they just bought. I was drooling and she said I could have it. So I bought a beautiful silk shade and I think it works perfect in this room.


I love this Annie Sloan paint and would highly recommend it. It’s so cute, I may have to sleep in there once just to see how it feels. If any of you have a furniture makeover project, please send it to us so we can see the before and after.

5 thoughts on “Annie Slaon Paint Project

  1. Very nice, Pam! I need to try that Annie Sloan Paint! I just got finished painting a sewing desk that I picked up at Goodwill for NINE DOLLARS last year. Not sure that I have a before picture, but I will have to send pictures of the finished product.

  2. Very pretty. When the weather cools off I would like to try that paint on an old oak dresser that has seen better days. Right now it has that alligator texture in the old finish so I think I will have to do some sanding just to smooth it up.

  3. I LOVE Annie Sloan paint! It’s hard to imagine that the hype is for real, but when you say it’s like “buttah” that’s the truth. Painting our kitchen cabinets with it is a really interesting idea, but I’m not sure I’d want to wax all of it… maybe varnish. Hmmm…. I feel another project coming on.

  4. Danielle, you go first on the kitchen cabinets and let me know. :). I agree. I would not wax the kitchen cabinets either, I would do something more durable and scrubable. I am going to paint my mothers computer desk in a cranberry pink. That is my next Annie Sloan project.

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