Room Re-Do

Well the kids are all coming at once with their significant others and I can’t be more excited. Even my grand- dog, Ollie, will be here. My old sewing room was the third bedroom and has never been spruced up since I moved my sewing room to the new addition. It was small and I have let it go for over 2 years since the huge reno we did 3 years ago this August. I usually jump at the chance to decorate a room, but I’m retired and I rather make jewelry and quilts instead of paint walls. But nothing gets a mom going than a visit from the kids and a dog to get the room rolling. So this was before…




Notice my Green drink on the chest. I love my morning smoothies.


I hated that color. It was the first time I picked a color that wasn’t what I thought I was getting. Kind of Grello. I really recommend the new little paint samples you can have mixed in any color. They are wonderful for testing color and are great to have around for touch ups. Then you don’t have to drag the big bucket back in the house. I buy those little mixed colors for many of my craft projects too. Anyway, between helping mom and getting ready for a visit from Roger’s brother Randy, I painted the room.


I found this dust ruffle on Joss & Main and had to have it for this little bed. Isn’t it cute?

We also flipped the fan blades over because the soft wood tone works better with the rustic shabby feel I plan for this room. It’s a free way to make a small change to a room. This fan is original with the house and I don’t love it, but it looks better this way. The white seemed too shiny for critters and a woodland quilt.


I am so happy with this soft and soothing color. I think my “Tennessee Backyard Critter” quilt looks so nice on this restful color. I plan to do the room around “critters”. I love themes. 😉 Now I need to get the furniture painted with the Annie Sloan paint and wax that I finally bought. I can’t wait to use it. This is the chest that will go next to the bed before milk paint and wax.


It has a top drawer, I just took it in to start setting up my paint area and then remembered my camera. More to come later.

4 thoughts on “Room Re-Do

  1. I like the new soft blue color and agree your quilt looks very nice with it. I am curious about the milk paint and wax you use for painting furniture. I bought an old oak dresser for $20 the other day and would like to paint it for my sewing room. The veneer on the sides is already trashed and filled with wood filler so I won’t mind losing the pretty wood on this one. Any special hints you have for a project like that would be appreciated. 🙂

  2. Annie Sloan Milk Paint is wonderful. It is pricey, but I did two coats on a tall dresser and headboard and I still have 2/3 quart left. I paid $36.00 for the paint and another $26.00 for the wax and it was totally worth it. The wax finish is easy to do and looks and feels wonderful. I love the stuff. It goes on like butter. You can thin it if needed. I used the clear Annie Sloan wax, but they she also has a dark wax. Check out her web site.I haven’t heard a bad word about the stuff. I would highly recommend it Joyce. Take some before and after pics and let us know how you come out. We would love to have you show off your project.

  3. Pam, this is Rachel from daisy-chain, your quilt is ah-mazing! That room looks so soft and soothing now, just like you wanted 🙂 I painted my living room a similar blue color and have never regretted it.

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