Sprucing Up…Up…Up…

My neighbor down the street was last seen stuck up in the air of his rental cherry picker. One neighbor came to our house to see if Roger was home to get Tom down. Most of the men were out of the neighborhood that day, but I knew when Roger got wind of that beautiful piece of motorized metal he would start to drool and find a need to use it. Tom finally figured out what was wrong and was able to finish painting his house and there it sat in his yard. Sure enough, Sunday Rog came in and announced that he planned to help Tom with the rent of the cherry picker by borrowing it and trimming up our trees. We literally live in the woods. There are trees all around us and big ones left in our yard. So he got the notion to get up and clear our view a bit . We do have the Smoky Mountains in our front yard view. It’s beautiful and it’s now even more so.


So the golf carts started to arrive… because that is what you do around a retirement community. Someone could need your help or advice. Us women sat up the lawn chairs and poured some fresh fruit Sangria. Rog worked diligently for several hours with the help of our friend Barry. He helped Barry take trees down last year in his yard. You can see Barry through the equipment.  Rog was very careful the first round making sure everything was level and solid and then began to trim.



This is in the back yard. He dropped 20 foot branches and the 3 of us pulled them all to the street. The guys did a bit of chain saw action of course and we lucked out and everything was picked up on Monday. I will show you the view before…

blog 015blog 016

and the view now.

DSC_0050 DSC_0052More light will really help the front garden beds. I’m sure that is why Roger wanted to borrow the equipment. It really looks great from the front door. Good job honey! You the man!

It really does make a house look bigger and cleaner to have branches out of its face so to speak. I think it looks tidier. People get over zealous when they build a house and pack it full of trees and plants. You really need to keep the landscaping in check to make your house look nice.

Here is a picture of our front yard when we bought the place 5 years ago this month.

tellico new house 032


Now is that amazing or what? You can actually see the house now. We have taken about 20 trees down in this yard and it keeps getting better. That many less leaves to clean up too. But you can really see how landscaping can get out of control. It makes the house look smaller…although the old shot was also before 3 additions. Happy trimming.

2 thoughts on “Sprucing Up…Up…Up…

  1. It looks great! Sounds like the same old Roger. Give him a project and he will do it 150% … kind of like his wife. 🙂 We are kind of doing the opposite project at our house. Not long after we moved in we lost 4 enormous oak trees that lined the street out front. They were nice in that they gave us some privacy and filtered the view to the cemetery across the street. Since then I have been planting smaller flowering trees to give our front windows some privacy and something pretty to look at when we look out the windows.

  2. I can’t wait to retire and move down there for that kind of fun !!! Wait, I just dug a new garden and still have two trees to cut down. I’ll just look at it as practice. See you guys soon. Bro.

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