FSL First Year

Woot woot!! It’s our one year blogiversary today! FSL is officially 1 year old and we are a wee bit excited! To give you a peek at the numbers we’ve seen over the past year, our first post launching the blog on June 19, 2012 received 5 views. Our first full month, July 2012, received 412 views. That was so crazy to realize! But now, we have over 200 views per week and will very likely hit over 1,000 views this month. The most views we ever received in one day, at 100 views, was March 28 when Mom revealed her completed Fox quilt. I think this surge came because Jon, my brother, featured our link on his Facebook feed! Anywho, thought we’d review our last year a bit to commemorate the big occasion. 
Our first post with actual photos and some content was this one from June 20 about learning to take care of the hydrangea plant in the back yard of our first house in Pittsburgh. It had 12 views!

Hydrang closeup

The most viewed post on the blog is currently this one featuring friend Diane’s summery flip flop wreath. Can you believe we get clicks through Google searches for  “DIY flip flop wreath” almost daily? We love featuring our friends’ handiworks and this one has definitely been a real fav online already having 138 views since it was posted just a few months ago in March! Keep sending us your projects to share with the world! 😉

loops in

A close runner-up for ‘most popular post’ of the past year was our first Style File that we did together for friend Natalie’s living room. I think this one gets extra love because it’s been pinned on Pinterest. We love love love that our most popular posts are those that brought others in our ‘extended’ family into this family-oriented blog. Thanks you guys for reading- you are the bestest friends a Mom and daughter could ask for.

natalie style file 7.2012

As far as our personal favorites, for me (Lindsey) it was my crafted cereal box Valentines, mostly because I rarely come up with crafts like this and it was just so enjoyable to sit down and craft some low-pressure sweet notes for my long-distance buds and Moms.

finished valentine

Most memorable event from the last year would definitely be the big move and checking out our new place in Virginia. Definitely a little adjustment renting again, but it has been a great place for Chad, Ollie and I. Also, quick update, renting our house in Pittsburgh has been working out great and we are thrilled with our choice to move forward with that option for our first little house. Our tenants moved in December 2012 and it’s been a smooth first 6 months.

Favorite post for me (Pam) was Back Yard Humor.


Another two I really enjoyed were painting hosta leaves for a quilt and creating my fox quilt.


I have enjoyed writing more than I would ever have imagined. Sometimes it seem so hard to get a post  done when I’m really busy, but between Lindsey and I, we seem to get the job done. Once I sit down to write it just seems to flow and I enjoy the process. I have learned so much about blogging and hope to get better at it and do even more interesting projects. Thanks to all our followers. Here’s to another great year!

It is amazing to us that we have been blogging for a year now because we both still feel so new and clueless about maintaining a blog sometimes. But we try to have fun with it and keep generally keep up a posting schedule of 2-3 times a week that is sustainable for us. Thank you all for reading and visiting our little site. We’re having fun keeping in touch with each other and hope you are having a good time here too. You are the best!

10 thoughts on “FSL First Year

  1. Great job ladies! I always read your posts in my e-mail, does that get counted as a view of the site? I don’t always go to the site unless I am leaving a comment. Just wondering – I want to be counted!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It’s so fun to have traveled most of this year with you. Congratulations on your milestone and here’s to an even better second year. Cheers!

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