Great Vintage Find

The closing  is complete and now we can concentrate on getting everything ready for move in day, which is Monday. One job was to hit some shops for a vintage library table .I encouraged mom to get a library table for her computer so it looked attractive in the living room. They had one of the standard computer desks in a spare bedroom up in Illinois. It was much too clunky for their new home. So we ventured out between carpet cleaning and kitchen cabinet cleaning to see what we could find. The consignment furniture stored closed 5 minutes before we arrive so we decided to try a moving sale that was going on in Tellico Village. We struck gold immediately!DSC_0004


Isn’t she pretty. It was perfect hight and plenty of knee room. We have a few repairs, but I will be painting , hopefully with Annie Sloan paint in the color graphite. I can’t wait to do it. We are both pretty excited. They wanted $100.00 for the table and we gave $80.00. I think we did well. The drawer will need a little repair with a new bottom, but we have many woodworker friends and that won’t be a problem.


Rog took the table apart to tighten and put new screws in for a tighter fit. He straightened one wonky leg which just swivels due to a stripped screw. Everything was glued to ensure a tight strong join. Now it is perfect until I can get my paint brush on it. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!


Isn’t she pretty even without out the drawer in. Now we wait for the moving truck to arrive…and it’s raining of course.

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