Closing Day

Well it seems I have disappeared from the planet, but just wanted you all to know that closing day is today for the folks. We have been extremely busy with banks, Dr.s , and yes an ER visit, but everyone is fine. It is truly quite a job moving older folks so far from their home, but they are excited and love their new home. For those contemplating doing the same with their parents, keep them close and conveniently located to everything they will need. We did a good job in that department. My Mom can’t believe how close groceries, hospital, Dr.s and dialysis is. My step-dad is on dialysis so that is every other day for him.  I’ll include some photos of them seeing their house for the first time. The people weren’t completely out, so there are boxes and things around. All in all they are very excited and today starts the rest of their lives in Tennessee near family. What a relief!


Signing papers. Lots more ahead!


3 thoughts on “Closing Day

  1. The thought of moving just makes me exhausted. It will be so nice when all the moving stuff is done and they are settled in. The house looks very nice. Give your mom a hug for me and all of you try to get a little rest between all the busy days!

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