Veggie Patch Polish

Final update on the deck garden here. Everything is finally transplanted and spread out to start growing up. In the end, everything pulled through from seed starting to now, except for the cucumbers (boo). Currently, the pots are spread across one corner of the deck where they get the most sun and are opposite of where the patio set will go. Look how much everything has grown since I started transplanting! It’s crazy how stuff takes off when you give it some room to grow.

full spread

I continued to thin the carrots until I had just one per slot, aiming for 3 rows of 4 carrots in the square pot. A few weeks ago they looked like this…

transfer surprise carrots

And now you can see them growing like gangbusters one by one in the rows… yum.

carrot rows

The zucchini has also taken off and I’m going to try to get part of it to grow upwards onto this tomato cage to help save some of the viney spread. At the bottom of the photos is mixed lettuces, then up to green beans and the black pot next to the zucchini behind that is one of the tomatoes. The tomatoes have continued to struggle since being outside, but I keep covering them with a glass vase when the weather is cooler so they get steamy and that seems to have helped them bounce back. The random grassy shoots in the tomato and lettuce pot are the spring onions- I just ran out of pots and thought I’d try a hybrid potting approach 🙂 The smaller pots on the right are cilantro and parsley.

left wing

On this other side is the other tomato (fighting hard to grow still!), and I stuck an extra basil plant down on the edge (tomato and basil, makes sense right?). The rectangular pot has a different type of lettuce with some random spring onions, then there is basil (that smells so delicious!), dill, lavender and my dear little hyndrangea across the bottom. I am totally wow-ed by how much the little hydrangea cutting has taken off now that I repotted it. I could get into the business of growing free shrubs.

right wing

Lately we’ve had a ton of rain so things are really growing well. As for the patio furniture, I had to give us another week. Last week I came down with a cold and basically stopped functioning in any capacity above going to work so that, plus all the rain, has meant zero progress was made from last Sunday through yesterday, basically. Just one more chair to finish paint removal and sanding on, though, and then everything can be painted and we’ll finally be done. We’re also grill shopping currently (hooray!)… so I can’t wait to finally have a totally pulled together deck to enjoy for the rest of the year! It’s like getting a whole new room in the house… and one that produces food to boot.

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