Show Time: Day 2…A Wash Out (Sob, Sniff, Sniff)

Needless to say, I went to bed at 8:45 Saturday night. Day one was exhausting! Lots of standing. We have threats of rain at this point. We have two power outages in the night. Rog is watching the ever awaited Women’s College Softball World Series and the TV is out. The game he was watching went into 15 innings and was over 5 hours long and the power went out at the bottom of the 7 th inning just after Nebraska tied the game. Not fair. I slept like a log and woke up to this.DSC_0042

Torrential down pours!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have standing water in our back walkway because the pond is spilling over like a river. I must tell you that Rog made me take all my jewelry down after Saturday in case this happened. We had taken anything decorative out also in case of winds. I am so glad we did. I feel so sorry for all those vendors that didn’t have side walls. Note to self… don’t do craft shows any more. Some people do this for a living, and I know I’m staying retired. I’m disappointed, and maybe it will clear up enough for later in the day. I will go back if it clears up…


By 12:30 Sunday the rain seemed to stop and we headed off to the show to tear down and bring home the wet mess. By this time we have had 4 1/2 inches of rain. We broke a record. The story of my life when I do craft shows. (One time I did a spring show with my mom and we had an April blizzard.) So many vendors evidently packed up the night before and left before the storm hit. But as we drove in, people were arriving to see the show… so we opened up the tent and set out two tables and put the jewelry out in a flat display and sold for 4 hours. Actually did quite well. So the Sunday wasn’t a bust after all. (Note to self…don’t do outdoor craft shows.) Well that is my craft show story and I’m sticking to it. Amen.

For  those that are thinking about entering into an art or craft show, this is how I got started. First you find shows in your area and apply. You have to send pictures of your work and pictures of your set up. I panicked when I had to say this was my first show.  I thought I would be shot down immediately. So I wrote a letter to explain in detail how I was planning my display to look and that I had a 10 x 10 white tent. I wrote sort of a resume of events I have done in the past, such as decorating committee of our Quilt show the past two years, to give them confidence that I knew what was expected of me. You then have a fee to pay and send in your forms and pictures with the check. Shows can run anywhere from $75.00 to $500.00 on up. Go with the price that fits your budget, especially when you are first getting started. I then had to wait until late May to know if I was in.  The rest of the time was spent creating props, decor, pricing items and getting business cards ready. Order plenty of biz cards. Business cards keep working for you long after the show is over. I’ve had a  lot more views on my Etsy shop since the show. We also had to  get the Square, which is free, to be able to accept credit cards. If you don’t have a data plan, then you could do like we did and get a prepaid data plan which needs no contract. It worked fine. That only cost me $15.00 and now we can turn it on for WIFI whenever we need it by buying another amount of data. Ask others that do shows for advice. I learned a lot from other Etsy members. And most of all, be prepared for a lot of work… but it was fun. I probably will do an indoor show this fall. I’m kind of thinking about it.


4 thoughts on “Show Time: Day 2…A Wash Out (Sob, Sniff, Sniff)

  1. That darn rain! Your booth looked so nice and I’m sure that must have been very disappointing, but at least Sunday’s sales sound like they made up for some of the frustration. The persistent rain here is getting very old too. We still have trays of plants sitting in the driveway waiting to get planted if the soil ever dries out. Rainy and foggy this morning, again, but we are hoping to see the sun tomorrow. I like your idea of sticking to indoor sales, but then you think of some of those days when we would go to the Beau Arts or Riversance outdoors in Lindsay Park ….

    I wore some of your earrings the other night and everyone asked if they were yours. Now when I wear your items, just like on the red carpet I say “I’m wearing Pam George.” Always get compliments!

  2. That’s pretty funny. LOL. You’re wearing designer earrings you lucky girl! Thanks for letting me know. Love ya Joyce!

  3. Oh no!! So sorry to hear about the record rainfall, but glad that your second day wasn’t a complete bust. Hope that you can do the indoor show. You’ve already done all the extra work of creating your display so that might make your next show a little easier. Your space looked amazing none the less!

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