Show Time: Day 1

The jewelry show weekend series continues…DSC_0020

This is Roger, my wonderful hubby, that helps me with any wild idea I come up with. Thanks honey for all your hard work.

It’s a beautiful morning. We pick up Caroline at 7am…I really wondered if she would be awake, and she was perky and full of energy. Thanks, Caroline.


We arrive at 7:15 am with coffee carafes in hand. You feel the excitement in the air and the faint smell of grilled onions and elephant ears.


This part is definitely the tough part, not knowing if the layout works and since I have such a variety of jewelry, it’s kind of tough to figure out how to put it all together. We just worked away and we will rearrange as we need too. The window frames sure turned out cute with the wire and burlap behind.  We placed the shutter in the corner and Roger zip tied the ladder and shutter so there was no chance of falling down. I took pictures along the way. It really helps to take a shot and then you will see things pop out that doesn’t look right.


Rog set the check out on the side of the booth, so people can check out while others are shopping.


The finished booth.


Two excited cowgirls. Vendors that came by wanted to buy the aprons. I suppose that is what the people will want instead of jewelry. They did turn out pretty cute. I made big pockets in the tooled faux leather for money.  I hope the pockets will be big enough, hee hee.


My first customer. Barb is a neighbor and that sweetheart bought two pairs of earrings. Thanks Barb. You can see people starting to stroll the isles. Stations everyone. Day one has begun.

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