Jewelry Show Weekend: Set-up Day

This weekend was my jewelry show, so I’m going to fill you in on the show set-up process and how things during show weekend went over the next few days. Today, I’ll show you how I set up my booth for display. Friday was set-up day, so we loaded the car to the max and off we went. The day was finally here and I was so excited to put everything together. DSC_0002

Rog handled the tent for the most part. We had the perfect spot in the shade all day. Lake view on all sides. I’m feelin’ good. There was quite a breeze off the lake, but not a problem.



The hay bale was for scattering on the floor if it should rain. Sure hoped I wouldn’t need that. It was a beautiful day!


I created a chandelier effect by hanging this great wire basket with a glass liner. I just stuck a bunch of ferns and cherry blossom that I had laying around at home and I think it did the trick.


This was the final layout. I didn’t add jewelry until the wee hours Saturday morning. I was pretty happy with the layout. I’ll show you later how it looked when I added all the jewelry. Boy it’s a lot of work. I have never done an outdoor show before. I am so thankful for my friend Diana loaning me the tent. You simply couldn’t do it without one.

We had floral wreaths next to us and a wonderful Mad Scientist on the other side that sold candle lotion. It was unbelievable stuff. It was a soy wax base with wonderful fragrance. You light the candle, let a pool melt, blow it out and rub it on your skin. Wonderful stuff. I was a skeptic, but it was really nice.


My sweet little chippy chair. You can see that I revamped the sign a bit and then I had made another after seeing it on the blog. It made my name more visible.


So I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. Now for the jewelry part the next morning. Details on that tomorrow…

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