A Prelude to Patio Furniture

After months, years actually, of sticker shock, denial and Craigslist hunting, I finally pulled the trigger on some patio furniture. Bonus points for whoever can find the hidden Border Collie in this one.


We had a big deck in Pittsburgh and we never got the deed done, we have a big deck with treed views right off our kitchen here in Virginia and well into May, still no patio furniture. After realizing how darn expensive decent outdoor furniture is, and coming to grips with the fact that I would never bite a bullet with that big a price tag, I shopped around for cheap stuff to just ‘do the deed.’ But again, no dice. I am cheap, but also just can’t spend money on something that won’t be around forever a reasonable life span. But I found the stuff yearning for some TLC I’ve been waiting for!

chair curly flaw

The set had minimal rust, only a few spots starting to be affected here and there. Key to a good choice for refurb!

chair flaw

seat flaw

table flaw

All in all, we have four chairs, a table and an umbrella stand, all heavy metal (steel, I think? the wrought iron-y looking type) We are mid-process on the remaining three chairs currently, but here’s a sneak peak!

before after chair teaser

Woo hoo! Love that side-by-side… I’ll come back later with a post on the paint removal process, tools for the job, costs, etc. and of course the photos of the final product. Wish us some luck to get done this weekend!

9 thoughts on “A Prelude to Patio Furniture

  1. It took us forever to finally get decent patio furniture for the exact same reason. It’s crazy expensive! It looks like you scored an amazing deal and the update is stunning. Can’t wait to see the final results!

    • That last pic is a before/after sneak peak of the new oil rubbed bronze finish. So it will all be a bronze-y black brown when we’re done. I thought about a bright color, but I’m leaning towards neutrals and metallics lately. Right now the three left are varying gradients of old green paint and white…

  2. Wow, that brings back memories of a set I redid many years ago. With great prep they will look fabulous for years! Way to go!

    • Yes! Chad told me about your set- and that’s the goal we’re shooting for… More work now prepping = good looking patio furniture for years to come!

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