Jewelry Show Ahead

My jewelry show is coming up  this next weekend and I think I am ready…DSC_0001

We did a little practice session in the driveway so I could see what space I have to work with and to position a few props. I will have all day and evening this Friday to set up all but the jewelry itself. That big job will take place early, before my usual coffee, on Saturday. The show opens at 9AM on Sat. until 5PM and Sunday 10 AM until 4 PM. Stop by and say hi if you are local. Tell me if you read this on the blog. We would love to know who is reading.

DSC_0008That is the $4.00 lovely I got at the thrift shop. I just love that chippy chair. The garland is up kind of quick and funky, but I dyed some cotton fabric and just tore strips to make this bunting.  I have 4 sides to the tent, but it is usually hot for this show, so I will probably use 1 1/2 sides so I will have some nice white background behind ladders, and screens. Caroline and I stapled white burlap behind my wire screen windows so they can hang without a wall behind them and still make the jewelry visible. Lots to think about in an outdoor show. I’ve only done indoors many moons ago (and Joyce, Giana, Diane, Mom all remember I said I’d never do it again). But that was then and this is now. Hah. 🙂

DSC_0007I think I may need to make a bigger sign. See, it’s good to practice. I had my shutter and ladder up, and two other tables, but forgot to take pictures. But you get the idea. I’ll take plenty of pictures of the actual show. Wish me luck and hope for sunshine. This show is in such a pretty spot. It takes place in Lenoir City Park and runs all along the lake. Very pretty.

6 thoughts on “Jewelry Show Ahead

  1. Have fun! Good thing you are not doing it in Illinois, we have rain…rain…rain…and more rain. Good luck.

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