Moving My Folks To Tennessee

Family Style Living is about to get more interesting. I am so happy to say that my mom and step-dad are packing up and moving to live near us!

boating , friends, Mom & Pat 038

I haven’t lived by my mom in 39 years. We are both looking forward to it. She too is a quilter and loves to do handwork. So you will be seeing some of her projects as well. I just have to get her more computer savvy. She’ll get there.

boating , friends, Mom & Pat 036

Mom, her name is Pat, and her husband Pat have had it with the winter up north and are ready to try it Tennessee style. Roger and I have been very busy house shopping for a condo for them that they can enjoy the rest of their years. In one week, we found it, the offer has been accepted and they will close on June 14th. Whooosh. They are going to be two tired cowboy and cowgirl when they get here. I did talk them into having their house up north packed for them so to avoid the exhaustion and any injuries. They are 76 and 78 and were high school sweethearts back in the day and married 10 years ago. It was like watching two high school kids when they got together. Kind of funny from my perspective, but sweet. I kept telling them I was going to tell Oprah about them. Hah…I didn’t do it though.

And this is there new house. I won’t share the inside until they close.


It’s a great patio home community filled with retirees, so I hope they make lots of new friends when they get here. I’ll fill you in as Lindsey and I  get to do a whole house, on mom’s approval of course. At least this will all be after my show, so I can concentrate on the big move in. I just had to share the great news!


3 thoughts on “Moving My Folks To Tennessee

  1. I’m so happy for you and them! The house looks very nice and you’re going to love having your mom close by. Tell her hi for me.

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