Annie Oakley Meets Lucy

I have been soooo busy lately with getting ready for my first jewelry art and craft show that takes place June 1st and 2nd. I’m having a ball doing it  too. That is the important part. I made the cutest aprons for Caroline and I to wear. They’re a hoot. I had this faux tooled leather that I have been planning to make a purse out of for the longest time. I have been cutting bits from it for bracelets and cigar boxes. Then I got this idea for the aprons.


I found several bright pretty florals in my fabric stash and ripped them at the length I needed for that true shabby chic gypsy cowgirl look.  First I cut the front panels of the faux leather and then the pockets for the CASH  I hope to bring in. I need my CASH for Round Top TX Antiques Week when we go in Oct. (Did I tell you how excited I am to see this event?!) Check it out here.

Here is a closer look at the apron. I was so lucky that the mannequin had the same waist as mine… just kidding. I can’t make the bow when I wear it :). The necklaces that she is wearing are more of my Tennessee necklaces that I have priced and ready to go. I made Caroline’s apron in two different bright fabrics. She has already asked if she can keep it. Of course she can!


I found a few great pieces that will be props for the show, then I may make spots for them in my home. The shutter is old and I still may give it a chippy white coat so my jewelry shows up better. The barn windows, I simply hosed off and Roger nailed hog wire to the backs so I can use the mini clothes pins to attach the earring cards and necklaces. They would make great jewelry hangers in a bedroom too. I’ll have to show you the one I created for our bedroom. It is a little more elaborate. It hangs behind my bedroom door and holds many necklaces.  It sure prevents chain tangles and keeps them out of the way. I could see the barn window painted in bright glossy colors… oh well, I digress.


The neighbors are always laughing at me when I drag birch branches home. We stuck these two in the back of the golf cart and took them from a refuse pile that was ready for pick up. Aren’t they beauties?! I think I will trim the branches and use them to drape bracelets across. These branches will be used in containers for Christmas decorations.DSC_0003

This ladder caught my eye as Caroline and I were walking out the door of a junk shop. I yelled, “how much,” he said “$25.00,” I yelled “$20.00” and he yelled “SOLD!” It was invigorating!


I have been making my jewelry cards from birch wrapping paper. I simply applied glue stick to the back of it and stuck card stock to it to give it some body. When it was dry , I used a  rotary cutter to cut the strips as I needed them and I have a hole punch for the earring  holes.


So now you are getting a sneak peak of the show preparation. I will take lots of pics to show the set up and completion. Now we have to hope for sunny weather.

4 thoughts on “Annie Oakley Meets Lucy

  1. It was fun. I just love it again so much. You can make so many neat things these days with the benefit of Pinterest. I think we will be having a reader challenge some day and Joyce you will be expected to make something awesome.

  2. I have a friend here in Oregon that does jewelry shows and I know how challenging it can be to put together a great display. It truly looks like you are in amazing shape for your first show. And I LOVE the apron. I think it would do very well in your Etsy store. 🙂

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