Cabinets Dunzo

Ta da! After completing my cabinet wood restore action, I finally got some hardware back in the kitchen. After a swing and a miss with the first order of hardware I made (and returned), I found these on Overstock and am so happy with them! They were such a bargain compared to tons of others I looked at and the basic Euro bar style fits pretty easily into any modern decor. Kind of makes this kitchen look a little more modern too I think.

Here’s where we were back in the beginning, with the teeny tiny old and grubby nickel colored hardware. Usually I opt for nickel finish, but I was kind of feeling the oil rubbed bronze in this kitchen because those honey oak cabinets I felt needed some deeper contrast and I think it’s working well against the black in the appliances and what not. The set I ordered was just under $55 with free shipping which I think is a great deal for this big change in impression in the kitchen. It’s not worth investing a lot in a temporary place, but $55 was totally worth it to have the kitchen feel just a bit more ‘quality’ and less low-budget-rental 🙂 (Plus, hardware is easy to take back off and take with you when you go!)

before kitchen

Along with this little upgrade, I also took the time to make a few other spruce up improvements- 1) removed this old blind that was crusty and never used anyhow, and 2) removed the two white plastic hooks foam-taped to the inside of the cupboards over the sink.

window before

That move was free and only required a screwdriver, scraper and Goo Gone. Now it looks so much cleaner and tidier over there! Plus, I made a few more de-cluttering steps, moving the paper towel holder over to the mixer on the island, ditching my long-lived utensil holding pottery vase since I had a little drawer space to spare after moving the pots and pans out to the rail a few weeks ago, putting the salt and pepper shakers in the spice cabinet, and putting the coffee maker away in the basement since we really only use it for company.

hardware angle

I have a few more plans for decorating this space up, playing off citrus colors that will tie into the yellow color this area was already painted in. Also have a plan for a little decorative window treatment… so stay tuned! What do you guys think? Was oil rubbed bronze the way to go?

6 thoughts on “Cabinets Dunzo

  1. Wow, Linds…that looks great! I love those handles and everything looks so clean. I’m so glad you removed the hooks on the sides of the cabinets. It seems every house you move to has those. Well done daughter.

    • I know, such silly hooks! At the last house they were screwed into laminate, so I was pretty stuck with them, but these actually came off pretty easily with some scraping and scrubbing.

  2. What a worthwhile project! I love the new hardware and the absence of the blind…wood cabinets always benefit from a little TLC! Your post makes me want to polish something!

  3. It’s amazing the difference that changing out the hardware can make. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the window. I can’t decide what I want to do with mine and since we have a very similar footprint to yours, it’ll be fun to see what you do.

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