Squirrel for Ollie

Squirrels are special creatures in our home to a certain Border Collie. They instill immediate excitement as they require intensive herding and watching. As a suburban/city dweller, it is Ollie’s life’s purpose I think to manage squirrel behavior. Given this state of affairs, it was not possible to resist when I came across this ‘final sale’ item at West Elm. 14.99, free shipping… dog biscuit jar? I think yes.

cookie jar pic and price webpage

So Ollie’s new treat squirrel arrived a few days ago and I promptly loaded it up. This is a great solution to the far less cute box of biscuits that used to end up sitting out on the counter or on top of the frig looking a bit sloppy.

squirrel contents

Now Mr. Treat Squirrel is poised at the end of the counter, looking ever so cute.

squirrel arrival

I’m not sure it’s it’s totally normal to have ceramic versions of woodland creatures perched on your kitchen counters, but given Ollie’s affection for squirrels, it’s quite fitting in our particular house… and she really enjoys what comes out of his biscuit bearing tail. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Squirrel for Ollie

  1. I want it. We have been fighting squirrels in the attic. Happily they are all finally gone and we have found the spot and sealed it off. Roger has been like Elmer Fudd fightin squirrels and the wonderful family that grew up above us.( No animals were harmed in this event. )

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