Super Seedlings

In my last seed starting post I left you with the first image of my budding two-day old baby microgreens…

sprouts  day 4

While this alone made me uber excited, can you imagine my elation when at day 7, things were looking like this??? (remember I only planted in the first 7 rows to start)

7d seedlings

So, before I even got around to planting the last 5 rows with other types of seeds, I had to accomplish some thinningof the bunches I already had growing like gangbusters. You can see the thinned bunch on the right and the un-thinned bunch of seedling on the left here. My goal was to thin out to about half the number of plants at this one-week old stage and do more thinning later as things grew up a bit. (I could have planted fewer seeds to begin with, but I went with more of a survival of the fittest approach this year)


So, after trimming the troops, I was left with this & proceeded to plan more herbs, plus some green beans, cucumber and green onions in the final rows. I also moved the microgreens to a small pot in the kitchen where I can snip and eat them after another week or so- practically instant gratification to grow those!

post thinning

As you saw in the first pic, we had to modify the height on the greenhouse by using some skewer sticks to accommodate everyone adequately. Afterward, I ‘hung’ plastic wrap curtains on each of the four sides to keep the greenhouse effects going on for the new seeds I had just planted, but I took this picture before the wrap went on. To get you oriented, we have in row 1: romaine lettuce, 2: mixed baby lettuces, 3: (empty- previously microgreens), 4: basil in front/cilantro in back, 5: dill in front/parsley in back, 6: zucchini monsters, 7: yellow heirloom tomatoes in front/red roma tomatoes in back, 8: lavendar, 9: cucumber, 10: green onion, 11: mint, 12: green beans. So, here we were again at day 7…

raised roof

Here at day 11 (day 4 for the newbies)…


Cucumbers already more than an inch tall and the onions sprouting at day 12 (day 5)… pretty sure the zucchini is about to blossom.


And day 13 (day 6). WOW- I was not prepare for the seedlings to grow this fast! But it is so exciting to watch. I am such a nerd. They seriously look bigger every morning when I check after getting up and every evening even bigger after coming home from work.


Clearly the next steps will be to do some more thinning and then prepare to transfer to the containers for outdoors (our deck) which (now that it has decided to become spring over night! and our lows for the next 10 days are safely well above freezing) we will be able to do as soon as I can make some time for organizing pots and getting the deed done. I’m thinking zucchini first because it’s the biggest clearly, followed probably by the cucumbers which are also growing at a nearly visible rate and on down the line. By the way, all these pictures have been taken with the plastic wrap and/or lid off so you can see the little plants but they have been pretty well kept under a greenhouse lid which has probably helped with all this growth. Starting mid-this week I’ll start leaving the lid totally off and even doing a little time outside in the afternoons to toughen things up before any transplanting. Atleast I overplanted enough that if a few struggle through the transition process, we should still have plenty to eat all summer from the survivors 🙂 So, we’ll just keep on growin’ over here and keep you updated when the bean stalks reach the ceiling… enjoy the beautiful spring weather for those of you that are having it!

8 thoughts on “Super Seedlings

  1. Lindsey, You are going to be a good gardener. You bypassed me already as I have never started seedlings, I cheat and buy plants already started. Keep up the good work. It would be fun canning all the veggies together. You could teach me something. Fine work. Grandma S

    • I have bought plant too, which is probably more efficient in some ways 🙂 But I just love watching them grow! I hope they transition to outside ok… we shall see!

    • I have only added water to the reservoir, probably about a few cups per week. And that has kept the soil visibly damp. Do you think that is ok? I am anxious to learn more about your garden and your greenhouse. Send pics so we can share your veggies on the blog too!!

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