Progress in the Bedroom

Spring is in the air, the birds are twitterpated, and our master bedroom is on the agenda for its post-move makeover. Today, I’ll share my first step towards a more master-looking suite. The last few months after the move, things have been looking pretty cluttered, neglected and generally lacking any cohesive personality.

dress area beforeFirst, the unseen step in this plan… Chad and I teamed up on an epic closet clean out. Sure, it makes more sense to do those things before you move, but you do what you can when you can. We emptied the whole closet and gathered a ton of clothes that went out for a donation pick up (keeps me from procrastinating on taking things to drop off myself when there’s no time!).

closet donationThe closet clean out allowed us to move our dirty clothes bin into the walk-in closet where it belongs. Then a trip to Homegoods with a Christmas-time gift certificate for $50 earned me a new lamp and mirror. I was finally able to commit to some new pieces after mulling over and deciding on a soft mix of neutral tones for our new bedroom. Since painting is less of an option in a rental, I’m trying to work with the fresh beige and white color palette we have in this house, while at the same time, making use of the black and white things we already have a lot of. So, beiges, browns, whites, greys and black are my new colors for this room, and I’ll decide what my subtle color pops will be as things evolve. I still want to change the handles on the dresser to give it a snazzier look than the out-of-the-box IKEA style, but have held off since the upheaval of moving, changing looks, etc… and looks like we need to address our glass-front drawer + polka dot pajama pants issue as well… but still much improved!

dresser area processThe new dresser scheme has, of course, a large mirror which is much more functional for us and has a great look for an otherwise big, blank wall. To decrease dresser clutter, I placed a pretty owl plate along with a creamy decorative mug to collect pens, change and Chad’s wallet and keys when he comes home from work and heads upstairs to empty his pockets and change clothes.

org stationOn the other side, I arranged a single small wood dish that was a gift from my Grandma many years ago where I place my wedding rings and earrings each night. Good to have a single place where these important daily-wear items go each night. The white vase is a centerpiece vase from our wedding. I’m thinking about options to refresh this old jewelry box to alleviate the not-quite-white, not-quite-beige finish going on as well…

jewelry areaI’m so happy to have a much more functional and clean dresser space to start off the bedroom makeover. Next items on the list are softening up the bedding to go with the new soft neutral color palette (as well as lighter-weight stuff for summer), building a headboard (still mulling options over for this one), adding bamboo blinds to the windows for texture and more functional light and privacy control, and decorating with pillows and art and photos for the walls. Anyone else refreshing a room for spring? Anyone else observing twitterpated critters in their backyards? Ollie just doesn’t know when to look away… it’s embarrassing.

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