Upcycle or Just Plain Junk Love?

Let’s face it, the up-cycle, recycle make a silk purse from a pigs ear craze is here to stay for awhile and Lindsey and I just love it.


You save money, the hunt is so fun and then there is the refurbishing. Oh do we love to do that. You feel so full of pride when someone doubts that your latest find will be anything but an OLD FIND, and then it turns out to be the perfect chair or centerpiece. Our husbands are not doubters. They believe!  They have seen what can be done. They may shake their heads, but we are not shopping in high end stores for stuff to make us happy. I have watched The Junk Gypsies and just love what they do. Maybe it’s a little over the top for our homes, but the process is still the same for our finds. Twice a year in the Round Top Texas area, they have this huge yard sale, flea market, antiques week and I really want to go. People come from all over the world to shop there. I read about it on other blogs and in Country Living Magazine and Southern Living, so the suspense is killing me. Rog and I are going for the fall show. Whoohooo. I’m gonna wear my ka-boy boots too. I have read in other blogs that everyone is wearing something fabulous that they have made from something recycled or re-purposed. That’s the other word. There is a whole new language due to the junkin style. So I thought up this necklace and you all will be the first to see them. They are from my air dry clay.DSC_0001

Here are 3 newly made. They will take a day to dry. I stamp each letter individually because I like the randomness of the word. After they are dry, I seal them, glaze them and darken the word then seal again. I re-drill the holes and add bling and chain.


My messy studio.


My bling station.

DSC_0002This one is going to be my favorite, I can tell already.



The yellow chair is the one I drug home from… the thrift shop… down the road… for $4.99. (that song cracks me up. see? they’re even making songs about junkin’) I think the chair is a perfect photography prop. I’m going to use it in the craft sale I’m going to be in. That’s another story.



All the bling on these necklaces are vintage pieces. It’s so fun to find the jewelry and then break it up so it works where you need it. These are simple styles at affordable prices. I do intend to do some over the top jewelry though. So am I crazy? These will all be in my Etsy shop, PeeGee Jewelry.

Happy Junkin! Send us any photos you have of your repurposed items. We’ll share them on our blog.

One thought on “Upcycle or Just Plain Junk Love?

  1. Love it! You know I’ve always loved junking, estate sales and auctions. Some things I’ve been collecting and will someday repurpose: boxes of old jewelry, entire sewing boxes, buttons, fabric, yarn, pretty dishes, small tables, You wouldn’t believe how many sewing notions you can get in one old box full of sewing treasures–even really nice, sharp, well-made scissors. I really like the piece of jewelry you are working on that says “Have Junk Will Travel” …. (Blaine and I have been occasionally watching the old Paladin reruns when we have a quiet afternoon). … Have fun! I think I’ll go check the paper for some sales to go to.

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