Sprouts for Spring!

Groundhogs and meteorologists be damned… spring is happening up in this house.  We are excited to grow deck vegetables again this year at our new place in VA. Last summer we missed out on the growing season in Pittsburgh because our house was on the market and gangly pots of zucchini vines and such weren’t an attractive addition to the back deck. Plus if we had sold quickly, we would have had a problem dealing with piles of plants to move somewhere. So I picked up a number of container-garden-friendly seeds (see the little symbol on the bottom right corner of the packets?) for vegetables and a seed starter kit from Home Depot over last weekend. The kit was convenient and only $7.99. Much more convenient than buying a messy bag of dirt and filling a bunch of tiny yogurt containers or something- definitely worth the 8 bucks.


It was especially fun to watch the tiny condensed dirt pellets grow after the ‘just add water’ step… and maybe a little gross depending on your perspective… I filled them up over the sink using the sprayer on a gentle flow which worked nicely with minimal mess.

expanding dirt

The seed kit people knew that lists and charts made me super excited so they included these great grids that matched up with the 72 individual holes to organize what I planted where.

seed plan out

I started a few different types of lettuce, tomatoes and four herbs. So only a little over half of the kit is filled right now. I decided to start the carrots, brussel sprouts and spinach directly outdoors because they are cold tolerant (project for next weekend maybe). I wrote the expected day range of seedling emergence from the back of the packet onto my grid too, so I could remember when to expect stuff to sprout in the different locations.


But turned out I didn’t really need to note 7-10 days for the lettuces and microgreens because this is what happened TWO days later!

sprouts  day 4

I believe the seeds were also trying to fight extra hard for spring, because they sprung up in their new window on Monday, the same day we got a little snow storm. Way to go, seeds. It might have also been because I sang to them a little when I planted 😉 Anyway, so happy to see some plants growing! Can’t wait to watch the progress and pick me some fresh herbs and veggies! Only $8 for the kit and another $12 or so for seeds, but well worth it for the enjoyment of growing your own food and forcing spring to come indoors while patiently waiting for winter to leave outside.

3 thoughts on “Sprouts for Spring!

  1. Neat neat neat! One mistake I have made in the past is failing to have a fan running in the room after the plants have germinated. It makes the little seedlings stronger and hopefully will keep them from damping off. Knowing you, you probably already knew that but I thought I would mention it. 🙂

    Have a Happy Easter!

    • No, I did NOT know that! Makes a lot of sense tho. Last time we did this with starting indoors (a few years ago in Wyoming) the trip to outside did not go well. Maybe that was part of the problem! What a great tip- thanks Joyce!!

  2. Way to go daughter. I’m planting my seeds this weekend…probably in the rain, but warm rain. I’ll take it! I even stopped at the fancy nursery today. It just felt good to breathe in a green house. I’m planting pumped!

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