Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

One of my favorite blogs is Funky Junk. We have her button on our blog side bar if you want to check her out. She talked about this recipe of banana pancakes with only 2 ingredients and how good it was. So since I am trying to lose weight, I thought I would check it out. So drum roll…the 2 ingredients are……….one banana and 1 egg. Really. So I did it.


I used my handy stick blender that Lindsey got me for Christmas and whizzed this little concoction up until it was nice and frothy.



I sprayed a little Pam on the griddle and let them bubble up before turning. They need a little more time to cook on each side due to the banana.



I actually got four from this batch. I just didn’t show it.



I did use a little light maple syrup…and it was good.


The protein in the eggs holds me over for a long time and they really taste great. Very light and the flavor of  banana bread. So you only have the calories of one egg and one banana. Try it, I think you’ll be amazed!

3 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

  1. I tried these, really easy, and I just used a fork to mash and mix. They reminded me more of a crepe than a pancake but I really liked them. Cool recipe!

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