Cheers for Polpette

I’ve only tried cooking with eggplant once before and kinda botched it. It was too complicated, the salting, the sitting, blah blah. But I was inspired to try again when I saw these eggplant balls of just THREE ingredients on The Chew and made them with little tribulation. Few words are needed… just watch this video.

finished balls

Basically, pick a ‘male’ eggplant by choosing one with a round bit (as opposed to more of a line shape) on the bottom. These are less seedy.

male eggplant

Slice the ends off and then the whole thing in half down the middle. Place skin side down in a lidded pan with a finger-tip deep bit of water. Simmer away with the lid on until soft and creamy tender (check with a fork, about 10 min?).

steam eggplant

Turn them over in a seive and let them drain for about an hour.

drain eggplant

Then mash and mince it up with a knife…

eggplant chop

… toss in a bowl with a good helping of Italian bread crumbs and a hefty helping of parmesan cheese. That’s IT! No seasoning needed, easy peasy.

mix eggplant

Mix it up, form smallish balls. Then roll in some flour and pan fry in some olive oil until golden brown.


They are like delicate little meatless meat-balls, officially called “polpette.” We had them with minestrone, ate them randomly out of the fridge with ketchup (yup) and they would go well I think with spaghetti. Ours were just gone before we got around to having spaghetti for dinner. In a weird series of events somewhere in the arena of a dare/spousal stubbornness/proving that sweetness from ketchup is basically the same as sweetness from any other source… we both actually had a couple with maple syrup too. I don’t really recommend that preparation, but it wasn’t quite as gross as it sounds as it turns out.

finished balls

We don’t fry food around here often, but since it’s a vegetable we generally don’t otherwise eat, it gets bonus points for the extra vitamins and fiber with the skin that is left on, and the frying oil is olive oil (healthy healthy fats), I’m good with it. I encourage you all to try these- even those with vegetable fears- they are sooo easy and yummy! Written recipe found here. Enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cheers for Polpette

    • The steps are spaced out so it’s very little work over jsut a couple of sessions- slice and simmer, then roll balls and fry. Make then while you’re doing something else and it is so so easy. I promise 🙂

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