Quilt Progress… Fox In Moonlight

So after studying my fox for a few days, I started the fabric search through my stash. I decided to do the fox by moonlight. Something I haven’t done before. Every sky color I auditioned near the fox didn’t stand out as dramatic as this batik, which is where I got the night sky idea. So this is the first stage. I haven’t cut the fox out in detail yet.


Then I decided to put a tree behind the wall and this is how I start the process. I build a base with minimal branches. I used this beautiful batik that already gives me the feeling of bark. It will look more like it when I start the thread painting . The moon is of freezer paper at this point. I think I like the size and will paint fabric with pale grey, pale blue and white metallic.


I chose the batik for the ground because it has so much going on. Great leaf prints, and dark colors for night time scenery.


Now the fox is cut out in detail and the moon is  hand painted fabric. I am really happy with how it turned out. It has just a bit of glimmer and has darker spots like the surface of the moon. I chose to do fall colored leaves on the tree. I had this beautiful metallic Christmas fabric that works perfectly for some of the leaves with moonlight on them. I think the tree  might be a sweet gum tree. Not sure. I’ll have to give it its own genus. The darker leaves are a deep burgundy batik and then there is a medium orange print for the mid tone leaves. Lots of cutting fabric with the fusing fused to the back.


I do love ferns, so they were added and some fallen leaves and some twig-like plants. This entire quilt is only in the fused stage. I will stare at this for a few days and see what else it needs before I start the fun of quilting it all. Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Quilt Progress… Fox In Moonlight

  1. Thanks guys, You know I do everything fast. I would still be sewing today, but I am waiting on a thread order to arrive. Can’t wait for the new colors and get back to quilting it.

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