Today we’re sharing a family guest project by my MOI (mother-in-law). Since my and Chad’s mom are both crafty wizards, they bonded over wedding planning a couple years ago and we’re so happy to share one of Cheryl’s recent P-inspired projects– and hopefully more in the future– here on the family blog. Cheryl emailed…

Had to show you the towel I embroidered for my friend Lavon’s birthday. They camp in TX for the winter so couldn’t resist this pattern I found on Pinterest last week, then saw an idea at the quilt store to add a fabric binding to one end of the towel. I also added some buttons so it isn’t very practical but she’ll hang it on the stove handle in her camper as decoration.

trailer towel.edit

Isn’t this cute? What a great personal gift for a friend… and pretty snazzy looking for a camper kitchen! The pattern Cheryl was inspired by is this T is for Trailer tea towel pattern though she decided to leave the text part of the pattern off of this project.

trailer up close

Thanks for sharing, Cheryl. Really fun to see and share projects from around our whole family here on the blog. You’ll have to teach me embroidery some day too!

6 thoughts on “Emb-road-ery

  1. Really enjoy the Family Style Living Blog. Thasnks for sharing Cheryl’s Tea Towel. It was so cute. The detail in the towel was so unique,(sp) Yes both the mom’s do a wonderful job with their handwork. Keep up the good work. Grandma S

  2. That is stinkin-cute! Love it Cheryl. That fabric really does add a nice touch. You are so good at embroidery. Keep sending us stuff to show off.

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