Style File: Carly’s Great Room

Time for another Style File— overdue, sorry Carly! We helped Carly with a few initial questions regarding options for window treatments previously and now we present a fresh Style File to help her envision her new great room. Carly’s room is big- and will work well more like two separate areas, 1) a TV on area one end of the room with already existing built-in storage and entertainment units and, on the other half, 2) a sunny bay window area where we recommend creating a second seating area for cozying up with a book and playing with the baby.

Carly style file resized

We picked a variety of pieces, colors and textures to create an upscale, but comfortable (and baby safe) space that spans the two separate areas of the great room, building off of a soft color palette of white, beige, and brown with touches of blues and other soft pops of color.

1. These rugs create visual interest and introduce some pattern to the room. Choosing too different rugs will help define and ground the two separate spaces she is creating. We would propose using the upper rug with the beige and browns in the bay window area and the rug with the silvery leaf pattern in the entertainment area. Another great option would be a large round rug in the bay window half of the room, but we liked the colors and patterns in these two choices. There are so many choices in rugs!

2. This is a great, modern wood table with a soft hue. The metal industrial accents add modern detail to an otherwise simple wood table, but without being too harsh or going too far in an otherwise soft and neutral room.

3. These great color-blocked draperies are a great way to bring colors into the room without being too busy or going out of style too quickly, given the large number of windows in this space. Carly has a lot of windows to dress! This great option comes from an artist on Etsy who offers custom-made window treatments, as well as other home dec items. We loved the blend of mocha, sage-y green and soft blue in these colorful, but subtle drapes. Color-blocking is super popular!

4. This beige upholstered square ottoman will compliment the chocolate brown sofa and recliner that Carly has in the entertainment half of the space, while providing a great spot for a tray of drinks and snacks. Bonus, easy on babies learning to walk around the living room!

5-8. A fun collection of complementary pillows is a must to tie things together within and across the two spaces in this great room. We picked two solid colors, blue and beige, which would form the base of pillows on the sofa and loveseat. The flowered pillow and this beautiful butterfly pillow would both be fun pops of complementary colors anywhere in the room. Notice how the colors, particularly the blue hues, coordinate with the colors in the drapery and rugs. Once you start with a color, find complementary pieces as you build the rest of the room.

9. A great example of a semi-neutral low profile chair. A pair of these across from Carly’s chocolate brown leather love seat will make a perfect sitting area centered in the half of the room that is surrounded by the large bay windows. The table in #2 above would divide the loveseat from the pair of chairs.

10. We thought this great floor lamp with its dark turned wood base would play off of the dark wood feet of the chairs we chose. Bringing together wood tones and colors from furniture (your investment pieces) into the accents like this (lamps, frames, etc.) helps make a room feel complementary and well thought out, without being matchy-matchy.

11. We *love* this big hammered steel drum table. It would work well at the corner of the couch and recliner in the TV area since its be-hind will be viewable from the other half of the great room. This brings in great contrast and texture which can be played up with other accents like curtains rods and hardware on the built in cabinetry (like nickel or chrome). Bonus- lid comes off for hidden storage and no sharp corners for bambinos!

12. A great weathered or antique piece is a great accent for a big room like this. We chose this example for its blue-ish undertones which complements the other blues going on in this room. (You could totally create your own from a Craiglist or estate sale find!) A piece like this could be placed against one of the windows, framed by the drapery, to display a big flower or candle arrangement and a nice framed family photo.

13. Gotta love a sturdy basket for storing toys in the grown-up room. A nice place to store a rotation of toys that are easy to grab (and makes clean up simple to boot).

14. Last but not least, we had to toss in a little Parisian momento since Carly & Pat have a heart for Paris 🙂

Feeling inspired? Soft, modern, sophisticated. I’m ready to makeover my house! So many styles, too few rooms… the revamp I’m working on in our bedroom is going in this direction though… thanks for the inspiration, Carly! Hope this helps you a little in designing your new home.

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