New Quilt On My Mind

So I am just back from 2 weeks of fun. One week with Lindsey and Chad in Virginia and one in sunny Florida with friends Lynn and Bob and Diane and Jim…and a few gators. It was in the 80’s and we actually got a tan. We are definitely thinking about more time in the sunny state next winter, especially because I am watching it snow here in Tennessee as I write. I hate winter. Anyway… I stopped at a wonderful quilt shop while on the way to Florida and became inspired by a bolt of fabric and some metallic fabric paint. We arrived just before the shop was about to close, so I had to sleep on an idea before I purchased anything.  the ladies promised they would let me in early if I looked really desperate and pawed at the door. When I arrived the next morning, the lady of the shop had arrived an hour early so I could shop. Quilters understand!  So in my sleep I came up with the idea that I wanted to do a quilt of a red fox. I was inspired by this birch forest fabric. I don’t know what my deal is with birch trees, but I do love them.


I picked up a couple metallic fox color fabric paints and felt motivated to do another quilt as soon as I got home. I also found wonderful (Wonderfil) thread that has a great sheen and beautiful variegated fox colors. They promised me I would love this thread that was new to me. So I’ll let you know when I get to the thread painting. I drew an idea and began googling red fox to find inspiration. I went to a site to purchase a picture so that I could use it without copyright infringement. You have to be careful of that if you show your quilts. I respect the talent of the photographer and he is worthy of some coin for his photo. So I printed some different size photos for which to work from. My first photo was printed in poster size from my own computer. You just have to tape 9 sheets together and I use that for a line drawing to keep everything in perspective. Then I print 5 x7 and an 8×10 for color detail when painting and thread sketching detail. I hang one in front of me and the rest are next to my paint area and the other my long arm for thread painting.


Here you can see the pencil line which is just for outline when painting. It all gets covered up. I use fabric that is PFD (prepared for painting).


I like the Pebo Setacolor Opaque paint for fabric. I used an extender to keep the paint flowing longer since this is a big space to fill. I also use Jacquard paints and the TSIUKENO Inks that I have shown you before a previous post.


The reason you see such ragged fabric is because I don’t want to wast any of it. This fox will be attached to fusible backing when he is finished and I will cut out the fox in great detail to attach him to my background. So far I am planning a stone wall with trees and possibly some hounds in the background and a horse and rider. Not totally sure yet. I think I have the old horse days in my brain after spending time in Virginia with the kids. You can’t go to an antique shop without seeing riding boots and helmets.  Ahhhhh, those were great times.

DSC_0004A little more progress.


Finished for now. Areas like his paws will get detailed in  the thread painting. I will add each toe nail and highlights etc. But for now this is a good base and I can’t wait to get to the thread painting. So I hung him up on my design wall and left the room. I am babysitting my favorite little neighbor, Sophie the West Highlander. I could hear her growling and barking from my sewing room which sounded serious. So I went to check on her and she was sitting in front of the fox and acting very cautious. I tried to grab the camera as fast as I could, but she turned and looked at me just as I snapped the picture. I think she was telling me I did a good job on this fox. She is a hilarious dog.


I will continue to work on this quilt and keep you up to date as I progress. (I wish it would stop snowing …ugh.)

4 thoughts on “New Quilt On My Mind

  1. Thanks Danielle. I have been working on it like a crazy woman. I am about ready to start the thread painting. I usually stare at it for a few days to be sure I, m ready to quilt.

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