Freshening Up The Shop

I have been working very hard on my shop to get a fresh look and focus on my style. I have been going in so many different directions in my designs because I want to try everything I see. So I have sat back and reevaluated the situation. Through Etsy, I have been able to share ideas and learn more and more about how to get found out there in the internet world. I keep trudging away because I love what I do so much. It is amazing how much I have learned since I started my shop, PeeGee Jewelry, and our blog. It’s got to be good for my brain. So anyway you will see a fresh new face on my shop. I have a new logo and my designs are going towards the country gypsy chic and cowgirl western style. I still love color and will plan to use a lot of it. I have been really busy working in the cold porcelain medium and may start to sell some of my beads. Right now I am on a wing and cross path. I’m trying to get my crosses to look as if they are artifacts from New Mexico. I shape them and give them an embossed texture. Then I paint and glaze and guild these creations, add wire and every one of them has a look of its own. I do plan to put my first cross bead up tonight. It will be sold (hopefully) as a bead for someone to make their own piece of  jewelry. I’ll keep you posted on how that venture goes.


Here is a shot of that bead. It is actually 3 inches tall with a span of  1 3/4 inches. I have glazed this one in indigo blue, white and German Silver Gilders paste. Then I wire wrapped a navy lucite rose that I had mounted into the center of the cross.


This is my newest bracelet. I call it “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.


This is one of my wing necklaces.


Orange and Turquoise

The two bracelets I made today and they wing necklace was a week or more ago. I wanted to show you what I’ve been doing. This week will be the judging of the guild challenge quilts. I’ll let you know how that comes out too. Well, back to the couch.

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