Better Late Than Never

With a whopping one day left to go in the first month of the year, I thought I’d (finally) discuss New Year’s Resolutions. I could agonize over some super-official post detailing ever goal of mine for 2013, but then it would take me another month… and it wouldn’t honor my first resolution for 2013.

Numero 1- Chiiiiill out.

In the past, I’ve resolved to exercise, eat better, [insert the usual suspects here], and generally I do actually stick to most goals pretty well. For instance, I’m still doing yoga regularly after resolving to do it in 2011. Sure, I still don’t floss every day (er, or hardly ever), but generally I’m not too bad with working towards goals, because I am a totally goals & objectives, type A, overly anxious, obsessive, planning, list-making, bin-labeling (inside joke for Chad), over-achieving nutter. Getting behind, or completely failing, at something = stress, disappointment and pressure. A little of this is great and makes me who I am, but this year, I’m resolving to get in control of my anxiety by chilling out, sort of a “don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude. The goal is (well, shoot now I’m already making goals to not make goals…) to get all over the stuff I really enjoy doing, the stuff that makes life fun and get over the stuff that just checklists my days away until I wonder how I’ve gone 6 months without baking a pie or pulling out my sewing machine.


So, if it takes me another month to get the box of stuff in the basement to Goodwill, so be it… or better yet, I’ll finally take advantage of the at-home donation pick-up that some of the other charities run. But I will spend a whole Saturday going through my closet because it feels good when I’m finished, but if I decide on the next Saturday instead, well that’s okay too… which is a nice segue into:

Resolution 2- Get organized!

2013 is the year of organization for me. After 3 months in our new place, I’d say we’re 92% unpacked, which I think is not too shabby. In doing the last round of it, which involved some reorganizing into different closets and different types of storage spaces that we have (or have created) here that are different than our old house, I realized… gosh, between the two of us, Chad and I have undergone 5 moves in the past 4 years which has resulted in our stuff getting pretty jumbled. But it is so liberating to dig through it and actually remember what I own again and know where to find it!

So, I’m keeping that engine running and getting organized… filing papers, getting out the label-maker, maximizing closet space, making sure everything has a place. I think it will help us feel more settled into this home and not have that ‘we just moved’ feeling going on perpetually (while at the same time actually making the next move easier too- though I don’t really want to think about packing again right now!). Now, I know this may sound contradictory to my first resolution, but the point is, I enjoy getting organized! And I have all year to move forward with it, which is all I ask of myself… and I will NOT create a month by month goal chart that I have to stick to to reach some final organization pinnacle by December… see the difference? Total chillaxed about the organization, I promise.

Resolution 3- Socialize!

Pretty self explanatory… time to invite people over, get involved in the community, find a church home, mix and mingle. I actually kind of got a jump on this one last weekend, well a double jump actually… because I started with my first day volunteering at a therapeutic riding center where I can help kids, meet new people and soak up some horse smells, plus we had Tania and Robert over for dinner on Saturday too. Pat on my back for Resolution 3.

Well, there are plenty of other things running through my head… financial goals, professional goals, etc, but I think I’m gonna stick with those three as my big ones for 2013. I think the chilling out about stuff will be the hardest, but I have to find a happy medium to kick anxiety better and enjoy life more. Our current lifestyle is hectic enough without the added pressure of my inner demons. Anyone else sending demons on vacation for 2013? I know I’m a month behind in asking, but always good to check in at the 1-month mark! Happy 2013 everyone 🙂

8 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Hi Lindsey I sure enjoy your Family Style Living You are quite a gal to be so organized. We are having a very windy day. A few snow flurrys too. I have a busy day today as every wed. a friend and myself serve supper to the youth club in our church. We serve around 40 kids and leaders. Is a fun thing as we keep up with the youth. Have a good day and keep writing, Very interesting. GMA Sjaarda

    • I know it will drive you crazy when there really is still a box of stuff for Goodwill in the basement when you come visit next, but it will move eventually 🙂 I love the shoe rack we got tho after your recommendation!

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