Winter Swagger

Besides the candy cane marshmallow pops we made during the Christmas holiday, Mom and I made a front door swag for our house. The original inspiration was a leafy, fresh wreath, but to be easy on the budget (me=cheap), we decided on a swag of greenery trimmed from a tree in the backyard with just a few embellishments from Michael’s. We chose a few faux accompaniments that were about 70+% off because they were in the ‘holiday’ collection and it was darn near Christmas by the time I got to this project (I think we did it Christmas Eve actually).

Christmas 2012 064

After laying out the trimmings, real and faux, along with wired ribbon, pliers and floral wire, we started to assemble. Mom arranged about three pieces of the greenery trimmings for a long, bushy look. That would be the base of the swag.

Christmas 2012 076

Once the greenery pieces were wired tightly together, we pieced in our faux bits here and there until we liked the arrangement and wired them to the fresh greens. Try not to be jealous of my awesome outfit.

Christmas 2012 100

In the end, we went with the iced red berries and two twigs of frosty greenery with acorns. I was going for something I could keep up all winter and I think we nailed it!

Christmas 2012 115

I chose a wired ribbon that can be folded, loop by loop into a bow, as full as you like it. When you are finished making the loops from side to side, wire the center tightly to hold it all in place. This was a green ribbon with a subtle white snowflake pattern to give it a natural wintery feel. Then attach to the unfinished hanging end of the swag with wire.

Christmas 2012 122

And there she is on the door! I could hardly believe it was my house, but Mom helped make it easy. Now you can do it too! My favorite part… I spent less than $15 and have a semi-fresh, custom piece for the door. All the plain greenery wreaths I looked at all season were atleast $20 and that was without any kind of decoration. So I am very happy!

Christmas 2012 133

If you hurry, you can still probably snag some clearance winter faux floral at Michael’s and make one to hang for the rest of the winter season. My plan for February is to just switch it up a little bit with a Valentine’s themed bow, and ta da… I can pull another month out of it. How’s that for frugal? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Winter Swagger

    • Thanks, Claire. I’m also looking forward to already having those faux pieces to work with again next year, but knowing I can make it different, as opposed to having a faux wreath that looks identical every year. Also, easier to store a few separates versus a whole wreath! Thanks for visiting!!

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