Christmas Visit To Lindsey and Chad’s

I love the DC area. There is so much to do. We arrived on Friday before Christmas and the kids were working, so we decided to take in the historical downtown of Leesburg. The architecture is so beautiful and it is full of shops and pubs. I wanted to spend more time there, but we had much planned. I WILL BE BAAACK ! Anyway, I took some shots of a shop that was right up my cottage alley. It was incredible. I took their card so I could blog the name of the shop, but have since lost it. If I find it, I will let you know. This particular shop was full of vintage cottage.

Christmas 2012 026

This darling shop is a gourmet and gift shop filled with wonderful cooking items. I didn’t take any photos inside, but I sure did on the outside. The cement pots were filled with the most beautiful ornamental cabbages. I took a lot of close ups and plan to do some graphic kaleidoscope designs with them.

Christmas 2012 009

Christmas 2012 012

Aren’t the colors beautiful?! Next year I plan to fill my brick garden box on my front steps with these. They last all winter. I’ll  share the kaleidoscope designs I create when I get them done.

Christmas 2012 024

This is the first pic of the inside of the two story shop I fell in love with. I apologize for forgetting the name.

Christmas 2012 023

Christmas 2012 022

I love the lampshades. There is a use for everything.  You get so many ideas when you visit places like this.

Christmas 2012 021

Christmas 2012 019

Christmas 2012 018

Love that big blue shutter. I would paint it red for my house.

Christmas 2012 017

I could have bought the store…but Roger was with and you all know how we don’t need things… we just want them. I left satisfied with my cottage design fix and some great pics to drool over. The prices were good I thought, but not as good as finding things cheap in a Good Will or an estate sale. I definitely want to go hit some estate sales in Northern Virginia! We then headed off to a quaint bistro with tables for two and four with white table cloths, a Christmas tree and great food.

Christmas 2012 008

I need to sit up straight for photos. This picture is one of many that have inspired me to take off weight. So I am now confessing to the world that I will do it. More to come on that topic.
After a great lunch of soup and and an egg salad sandwich, we were off  to Reston Town Center. Rog really wanted to take me there. What was he thinking? I could buy beautiful vintage things for $20.00, but he wanted to take me to Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, William Sonoma, and other high end, fun shops. It was a beautiful place with all outdoor shops with beautiful trees and Christmas lights in a planned community. Very fun. But Christmas was in a few days and I was good. Well this was day 1 of our visit. We went home to greet the kids as they arrived home from work and spend time with our grand-dog, Ollie. Lindsey and I planned out some of the things she wanted to do while we were there. First, she wanted to make the hot chocolate candy canes that we found on Pinterest, as she has already shown you, then she wanted to make a door swag with a winter feel, so she could keep it up beyond Christmas. We had a few items on her menu to make and some cookies to frost, as well. I came with my cookie supply, and the tools and wire to make her swag.  Then we all put on our lounging uniforms and it was good.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Visit To Lindsey and Chad’s

  1. Sounds like a fun trip and I love that store. Sort of reminds me of the store over by Augie that we used to go to. Mink and I went to a good auction last week and I only drug home a few items. One was a very nice set of Homer Laughlin Colonial white dishes, 8 place settings, for $12. If Scott and Morgan don’t want them I will switch my old dishes out and use them for a while. I’m sitting here with a migraine today hoping that it’s not the flu. Happy New Year!

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