Christmas Crafts

We did it! Mom and I picked the candy cane marshmallow pops that she found on Pinterest to make together for Christmas. They were so cute and yummy!

cocoa cupWe unwrapped a bunch of mini candy canes and Mom crushed half of them into a soup plate. The rest we poked through the marshmallows- pretty darn simple.

marsh and pprmintI melted semi-sweet chocolate chips on the stove to dip in. I know you’re supposed to use a double boiler or something fancy to melt chocolate, but I’ve always found that with a half-way decent pot, patience to let it warm up nice and slow, and frequent stirring, it melts easily without problems.

choco dipThe drippy chocolate grabbed up the crushed peppermint we rolled the marshmallows in and, voila! Easy-peasy hot cocoa dippers.

pprmint roll

We enjoyed them in some candy cane hot cocoa that Chad got me for Christmas and altogether it was delicious! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Did anyone else do some fun family Christmas crafting? We also enjoyed classic family Christmas movies, including A Christmas Story and Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation, our family’s must-haves for the holidays. Mom also has photos of another Christmas-y project we completed together so we’ll get on sharing that too before the holidays get too far away from us!

cozy cups

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