Holiday Pinning

A little Christmas Pinspiration for your viewing pleasure! I love all of these ideas and am aiming to complete atleast one of these projects while the fam is in town for Christmas! First up, a pin Mom sent me for candy cane marshmallow pops to hang onto your hot cocoa mug. Precious and brilliant.

And if you’re going to do cocoa, how about homeade? I’ve had some delish homeade hot chocolate before but never had snickerdoodle hot cocoa as described in these divine sounding recipe. Definitely something to try at Christmas time!

But why stop there? Tania shared this recipe for snickerdoodle pie with me and I am anxious to try it out. Delicious insanity I expect.

And oh what a beautiful wreath for the front door! I think this would look great for the entire winter season and hopefully would be a lot less expensive to make this way than buying similar ones I’ve seen around.

Had to add this cute garland that was actually for sale on Etsy, but is great inspiration for making simple garland to coordinate with your decor and add to the tree or some greenery garland. Yum.

Has anyone made any special Christmas recipes or new crafts this year? Do share!

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