New Home for the Holidays

It was so crazy when Mom called yesterday to tell me she was baking cookies and listening to Christmas music… because I was doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. Like mother, like daughter. We weren’t baking exactly the same cookies, but we were both baking from the same book. Finally getting some Christmas goin’ on around our house! But let’s rewind a touch… after the initial move-in, we were looking like this in the living room:

LR before mess

Not real snazzy, but forgiveable post move-in. When Mom & Dad visited last month (or was it Oct? I can’t even keep track of time anymore), they helped immensely with hanging pictures, mounting the TV, curtain rods, etc and things were finally pulling together a little bit.

sofa wall

I’ve got some crazy lighting going on here, but I’m going to blame the fact that my battery case broke on my camera so I have to squeeze it shut while adjusting and shooting pictures simultaneously. I really love these soft curtains Mom & I picked out at Target and the birch branch sheers are really neat too, giving us some privacy from the front of the house/driveway/sidewalk and people’s windows across the small street from us (city suburban living).

LR progress

I’m loving that we finally (after a year of owning it) mounted the dang TV on the wall- kuddos to Dad and Chad on that one because we made it a little complicated making a bracket out of two separate pieces of equipment. And Mom and I picked up a few deals to round things out for this phase of the living room. Still have some work to do (aka- ugly dog bed and ugly stick leg table), but it feels much more like home than when we started.

LR progress noted

And that kind of organization allowed for a little recent Christmas decorating as well, though reorganizing the Christmas stuff from the move has now made it onto my to-do list because it’s a bit of a mish-mash of boxed-up mess.  Here’s our little tree with my sparkly butterfly topper and my new (from last year) ceramic red reindeer hanging out in the background.


I was freaking out a little about my general lack of Christmas preparation this year, but I finally let up the pressure on myself by saying, “Self, not everyone on Earth completes all Christmas preparations by the day after Thanksgiving… it is ok to use the whole Christmas season to decorate, craft, bake and shop… that is why it is called a season.” <insert sigh of relief here> And that chilling out was what mediated my baking 3 batches, we’re talking like 8 dozen individual, cookies yesterday, all packed away into the freezer to make cookie platters for the family, work, etc… while enjoying my new kitchen island (excellent surface for rolling out cookie dough, by the way) and soaking up some Christmas tunes on the iPod. Finally… namaste, Christmas spirit.

One thought on “New Home for the Holidays

  1. It looks so homey. I can’t wait to get there! Love the red reindeer. I’m planning on making the sugar cookies today. Namaste to you too.

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