Cookies and Quilts


It’s cookie baking day! I plan to just do one batch though, since I’m bringing dessert for the “Sisters With Artistic Attitude” Christmas lunch. We will be unveiling  all the quilts from our one year challenge. I thought I’d make a family favorite, called Thumbprints . It is actually Rogers very favorite along with chocolate chip. I use the recipe from my very old , but popular Betty Crocker’s Cookie Cook Book. When you see mine, you’ll know I need  a another one.DSC_0008

Isn’t that a mess?! Lindsey has a fresh copy since she is a newly wed. This recipe is so simple and I always have the ingredients on hand. I told Roger I would leave him a plate all to himself since it was also our 37th anniversary. I hate to admit that I stood in  Walgreens a few days before and tried to remember who I needed a card for. Oh boy. It’s getting scarey!  So the morning of Dec. 6th I remember that guy in bed with me was who I needed the card for. I felt terrible. So I quickly created a quick note to the man of my dreams.


He loved it and was especially happy to wake up to the smell of Thumbprints wafting through the air. Ahhh, wedded bliss.



Saturday was the quilt day and I am proud to show you all the quilts completed. I am not including mine this time because it was in the last post. This group of women are so talented and we all really enjoyed the challenge, but all are glad it’s over. Anyway the first one is Socks.




She created two different quilts by dividing her blocks between dark and light. Great idea!



This quilt has a lot of print done in crayon. It looks like graffiti. There is also poems and cross stitch all over with statements. All of these quilts have so much detail on them , that you won’t be able to fully appreciate them.



South West


This quilt has beading all over it. Stunning!



Sailor Boys




Tea Party


Aren’t they all beautiful. Now we start a new Challenge in Jan. We have already drawn the color way, size and theme for every other month. So we will all create our interpretation of that particular month. They will all be small little quilts that we hope to group together in a show or two. This challenge will be much less time consuming.

Meanwhile I came home to my husband happily adding all kinds of media to our little nest. He has networked all the computers and printers to each other, put in Rocu, so we can have Pandora, movies, Shutterfly and tons of other stuff for us to learn on the TV.  He has been staying up late at night trying to get everything all tied together. It’s like Clarke from Christmas vacation. You know there are going to be problems. But I will say, in 3 long days he has accomplished it. I am amazed. Does anyone else’ s husband do things like this?


Wires were everywhere, but I am happy to say that it looks like Christmas around here once again!

2 thoughts on “Cookies and Quilts

  1. I remember your delicious thumb print cookies, but I didn’t know the recipe was from the Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook. I would love to get the recipe even though I am convinced I am unable to cook. Each item I made for Thanksgiving was bad. I love seeing all the quilts made by your talented group of quilters. Happy Anniversary to you and Roger. At 37 years, you are close behind us.

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