Ahhh… The Holidays!


I have spent much time looking at all the beautiful blogs out there and feel like ours needs drastic attention. Lindsey and Chad have been so busy with moving and renting their house in PA and starting new jobs that it has been tough for her to get to the computer. I have been away for 1/2 of Nov. and feel so behind. I have happily sent some packages from my Etsy shop  to eager gift givers, and hope to become even busier. I also have a deadline for the Tennessee Backyard Critter quilt this Sat. and have spent all my spare time working on it. I was hoping to have a beautiful blog full of decorating ideas, craft tutorials and all the pretty fairy dust and fantasy world of Christmas goodies for you to drool over … but let’s face it, life gets in the way.  But I am happy to say that my quilt is finished and I will show the results. Whew!


Actually this photo is before the black binding. Sorry. It has been thread painted and was probably the toughest quilt I have quilted because everyone’s block was of different thickness and had some of their quilting already done. Just to remind everyone, this was a block exchange that my quilt bee, “Sisters With Artistic Attitudes,”  has been working on for 1 year. Each month we had to make a block for one of the ladies in the group and it had to be according to their theme, size, colors, etc. My theme was Tennessee Backyard Critters. I received 11 blocks throughout the year and then had to put them together in a cohesive manner. We had artistic license to do as we wished with each block. You can see some of the early photos here, of the blocks before I cut them apart and put it together as I envisioned.


I have not had any bears in my backyard, but I created him because I love the Black Bears and they have been in a few backyards in the community. One was 600 pounds and they relocated him to the mountains where he belongs.


These are the Hosta leaves I created on the blog here.


This is the finished quilt. I am very happy with it and would suggest this challenge to any bee. It was a lot of fun. The 12 quilts are scheduled for photography next week and will be displayed in two museums in the eastern TN area. Our bee will be attending the “Meet The Quilters ” party for at least one of the shows. It will be exciting. Small museums are always looking for things to show and display. So the quilts will be gone for about 4 months. We already have our next challenge set up for 2013… it will be interesting!

3 thoughts on “Ahhh… The Holidays!

  1. Neat neat neat! I shouldn’t be amazed that you accomplish all the things you do, but I am always amazed anyway. And here I was feeling pretty good about decorating some pinecones with Addie. 🙂

  2. Treasure those moments with your grandchildren. Decorating pine cones with your little granddaughter is amazing! Can’t wait until I can do something like that.

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