Decorating Day…Boy Am I Tired!

Thanksgiving was great! Made my crock-pot turkey (I did brown it in the oven the last 1/2 hour). It was really tender and the stuffing was good and the rest of the fixins, but the pie is what got Roger all excited. I guess he called the kids to tell them about my pie. I love pumpkin pie and he hates it so I made us an apple pie. I must say it turned out to be one of my best. I read an article somewhere that Honeycrisp apples are great for baking because they need nothing to make them taste good. I used some Johnagolds, Granny Smiths, and one stinking expensive large Honeycrisp(my favorite to eat). That pie had such a bright , sweet flavor, you must try it. I may use all Honeycrisp for my next one. Anyway, here is the pie.

And there is only one piece left tonight. I believe in pie for brakfast! It really wasn’t a bad Thanksgiving with just the 2 of us. I probably would have been more sad if we hadn’t just seen the kids and my mom the week before. Well on to decorating. I always get the job done the day after Thanks. I keep going lighter every year. My mom told me I would and I never believed her. She just sets out a porcelain lighted tree her mother made. We joke about it all the time. This year I’m forcing her to hang a fresh wreath on her door.

This is my old cupboard that you’ve seen for every holiday. It is pretty much the best spot to do a  vignette. Theses are my sparkly houses and bottle brush trees, most are vintage and some are new. I plan to continue to collect these. It must be something nostalgic with me, but I love them.

This bisque horse and sleigh was my great aunts. I always admired it , so she passed it on to me.

These are the pine cones that I sprayed and sparkled. I used them in every arrangement and in the tree. They came in pretty handy. Sorry about the pictures. I had bad lighting.

Not as pretty by day light. I just love the Christmas lights on at night while we watch TV. Just seems so cozy. On the coffee table you’ll see my swan that I found at the estate sale this last summer. I filled him with frosty greenery and put candle cups on each side. Love that swan! The jar is something I do every year. Its one of those jars you see in hardware stores. I fill it with snow, and then I place 2 vintage snowmen and a picket fence with vintage bottle brush trees. On the TV cabinet, I have an old family heirloom NOEL. I have used it every year. I do like vintage. When the kids were still home, Jon used to change the letters around to LEON to drive me nuts. I miss those days. The Santa with his bag is also an old family heirloom and I never have gotten tired of him. It must be all the good memories that they conger up in me at Christmas time. We had great Christmas celebrations when I was a kid and while raising our kids.

I used to collect snowmen and I would leave them out until Valentines Day when we lived up North. They’ll come down New Years day since I’m in the South.

This was my big change this year. I love this spot above my cupboards in the kitchen. I always use this huge gold pottery piece and stuff it full of greenery. I found this white trellis garden stand at a yard sale this summer and thought I would give it a try. I really like it up there and think it will stay. I always decorate this area for every season. My new collection is finding these white animals. Aren’t they cute?

This is the large pot that used to be up above the cupboards. It looks great on my table. I plan to put a white vintage tablecloth on as soon as I get it ironed. I ran out of steam…Hah!

As for my mirror wall, I just added sprigs of evergreen and stuck them down behind the mirror. Simple and looks pretty.

This is the tree.It is a  7 foot slim. Love them. You don’t have to move furniture. Easy to assemble and pre-lit. I’m livin now! Iside the tree you can see a stuffed Santa. That is a Knickerbocker Santa that I received on my first Christmas. It was in my parents tree every year until they gave it to me and now he sits in mine every year.  He’s practically an antique. He is definitely vintage!

6 thoughts on “Decorating Day…Boy Am I Tired!

  1. Everything looks so darn pretty! I need you to come and decorate my house. I thought about decorating today, but just thinking about it wore me out. Wore my new earrings and necklace on Thanksgiving Day and got several compliments. I love them!

  2. Just read your post to motivate me – today’s the day I decorate – beginning with filling the CD player with my favorite Christmas CD’s. It is a nostalgic process. Hanging ornaments on the tree is my favorite. Our beloved cat Lenny used to wait as we assembled the tree and as soon as the tree skirt was in place he spent the next six weeks sleeping under it! It is the only time of year I miss cat hair! Happy Holidays!

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