Rental Upgrades

Ahh! Progress admist the chaos… Mom & Dad visited over last weekend, which is already over a week ago, but somehow it feels like just a few days ago. I accomplished a couple key tasks around the house before they came, number 1 being the addition of an island to the kitchen. After the initial move-in, our new rental kitchen was looking like this & lacking precious storage and bench space.

Enter trusty Craiglist. I found this IKEA freestanding base cabinet with a wood top a few weeks ago listed for $300. It was still there after a few days so I contacted the seller to ask a few questions, and once I knew that it was what I wanted, offered them $250 for it. I always like to wait it out a few days (unless it’s something really hard to come by) if I can because then the seller is more likely to accept a lower price I think. They accepted and were even willing to wait until the weekend when Chad & I could go together to pick it up. They were really sweet people too. Another Craiglist success!

And bam! Much needed workspace and storage for the kitchen. More of a peninsula than an island, but it fits really nicely, still allowing ample space for opening the oven and moving around in the kitchen. The size was perfect to maximize cabinet/drawer space, gaining much more than if I had opted for a smaller kitchen cart style piece of furniture. Very happy with my purchase! I’d like to jazz up the back a bit at some point so it looks more finished, but this is nice and tidy for now. Well, tidier than the rest of the kitchen anyway… one step at a time.

I also got tired of staring at the random We Just Moved In pile at the end of our bed…

… so got it replaced with one of our wedding photo canvases (bought with a Groupon last year). Much tidier.

With Mom here, I finally got some pictures hung. It’s nice in a way moving from our first house, already having a lot of decor on hand… but having the opportunity to kind of re-invent how I use the different pieces in a new place. However, similar to our first dining room, this eat-in kitchen also has a giant blank wall painted a bold color.

So, a pair of photos we were using before worked well to start this wall off.

My collection of entryway framed photos got laid out on the table and we decided to split them up in a few different places around the house.

More to come later when I can get some nice photos taken. Now that it is dark so early, it’s really difficult to get well-lit photos taken around the house! Dark going to work, dark getting home. I’ll try to catch up on some pics around the house this weekend… if I’m not in Pittsburgh. Speaking of which, our house is officially for rent in Pittsburgh and we’re in the process of finding the ideal tenant. So far we’ve had to deny one applicant and had another promising interest get deployed with the military, so we’re just sticking with it patiently and hopefully our home will have a new family soon 🙂

So, how about it’s Thanksgiving this week?! While we would have been happy to have family come for Thanksgiving… now that we’ve ended up with no plans for hosting Thanksgiving, I’m actually super relieved. I cannot believe it is Thursday already!! Isn’t that like tomorrow? As far as my domestic antics go, I’m just mentally skipping Thanksgiving so I can hopefully be a little more on the ball for Christmas. Does anybody else do that— skipping out on one holiday for the sake of the next?

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