Busy Stocking My Shop

We apologize for our infrequent postings. My step-dad had his surgery and we ended up staying in Illinois longer than we thought, but I’m sure glad we could. Roger built a ramp for Pat so he can get in the house easier. It turned out beautiful. Mom and Roger also decided to surprise Pat with a 60 inch flat screen instead of their monstrous rear projection that had the worst reflection problem I have ever seen. Pat was very happy and can now can enjoy his football from anywhere in the room without seeing a lamp instead of a game. He is doing well , but it has been tough. Mom is doing well too now that they are both getting some sleep.

We left IL and headed to see Jon, our son, in Ohio and then drove to Northern Virginia to see Lindsey and Chad’s new place. Seeing the two kids was not in the plan, but since we stayed so much longer, we thought we would get both kids in before Thanksgiving since we won’t be getting together with either of them. Jon is great and Lindsey and Chad have a wonderful new place that you will all see soon with the drapes up and feeling more like home.

I am busy catching up on my Etsy shop to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I had to add tags to all 175 items. My arms barely work now. I have also been busy working on jewelry and trinket boxes for my shop. I am having a ball with these little gems. We stopped in a little town (Staunton, VA- note from Lindsey!) on the way home from Lindsey’s and found a great cigar shop that sold their wood boxes. So we left with arms full and I have been turning them into keepsakes.

I purchased vintage sheet music and lined this box with it. This particular box had beautiful paper all around the edges. Much of cigar box labeling is like beautiful art, so this kept the edge taping on. I did add some of my cold porcelain holly leaves to the top and fabric roses. I sprinkled old German glitter around the top edges and added buttons. The box came with pretty brass hinges and a black and brass latch. These boxes are listed in my shop. I am making each one different. This is the only Christmas  box so far. I think they would make great gifts for home decor and or jewelry or trinket storage.  Some of my others would really be great for teens and tweens.

The inside.

I added one of my fabric Hosta leaves to this box.  I blogged about making the leaves this summer. I have collected post cards in the past, and this one is from 1914. I thought it would great on top of this box. It’s amazing to see how little info people had to write for an address, and the penmanship is beautiful. Truly a lost art.

Here is the inside of the last one. Aren’t they fun? I love to make them… I love to make anything! Check out PeeGee Jewely to see the others. I will be offering free shipping Nov. 23 through Nov. 26th to take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If not me, give some artist some business this holiday season. They work hard and Etsy has some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. OK, that was my plug for shopping small. I’ll stop now.

I decided to decorate some pine cones for my home. The pine cone crop was huge this year so Caroline and I went out and collected this bag  full that I planned to paint and glitter.

I did wear a mask and highly recommend it. Be safe. I used ballet pink, pistachio green and white matte spray paint. I think I still will add a yellow gold on the left-over pine cones. Gotta match the decor.

A cardboard box makes a great paint booth. It also helps to have an empty lot next door. After painting them pretty heavily, I spread them out on a sheet in the yard to get rid of the paint smell. They were fine by the next day. Then came the Modge Podge and German glitter. They turned out really pretty. I glittered the cones pretty heavy. I love glitter at Christmas time. I collect the glitter houses and bottle brush trees, so these will look great with them. The glitter doesn’t show up as well in pictures, but believe me , they are sparkly!

The next project is digging out the tree and all that goes with it. I love to decorate for the holidays! Roger just rolls his eyes… every year for 37 years. Does anyone’s husband get happy and excited about the decos going up? Let us know. I feel it’s part of the tradition at our house to hear him sigh like something bad is about to happen. If he hasn’t gotten it by now, he never will. Oh well, I do it anyway and I like it!  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I have to put my 2 lb turkey breast in the fridge to thaw. I laughed when I saw it roll down the checkout belt at Walmart. But I won’t miss making all that stuff this year. I’d rather spend the day decorating with the football games blaring in the background. Ahhhh memories…

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