We checked a major move-in project off our list finally! A major part of the reason we chose the house we did to rent in Virginia is its private, fully fenced backyard suitable for a certain Border Collie to spend her days in while we are at work. However, we’ve had this house for a month and this was still the state of the yard! Needless to say, it wasn’t very useful unless we wanted to come home to a furry ball of mud.

We came to realize quickly the backyard was more work than we really had the ability to get done properly before the snow fell and instant yard– sod!– was our best option for usable grass ASAP. Thus, we can’t really take any credit for the work because we left it to the pros for this one. Here is the view from the gate, including a pile of limbs we cut back first to let more light in for when the sod went down.

There were also a few more branches and leaves down from the Hurricane Sandy rains. Hopefully all that rain made for nicely prepped, wet ground for the sod to go down. The first step the crew accomplished was removing all of the existing weeds and churning up the top layer of clay soil we had.

Then they laid the good, compost top soil down which smelled really– well, smelled like the grass would really like it.

Here’s part of the crew of Manzano landscaping teaching me about the watering process and caring for our new lawn. What a difference, right?! Wow, we were so impressed. Two hours to grass. Given how much it would have cost us in topsoil, sod, hauling, etc etc, we are so glad we got this hired out and had the whole job completed for under $1 per square foot. Felt like money well spent.

The company owner, Alex, was really helpful teaching us about trimming our trees and what some of the other plants in the yard were so we could do a thorough job of cleaning out the surrounding garden beds in the future. Plus, they trimmed a few things up for us for no extra dough. And they blew out our whole front yard when they cleaned up! For our first find on Angies List, I’m pretty pleased we signed up.

Anyway, here’s another shot of the back corner of the yard before…

… and that same corner of the yard today!

Once we get our patio cleared off and organized, we’ll have a great place to do gardening projects, play with Ollie and cook out! Anybody else have any sod advice? I’m just hoping we get it to thrive quickly, especially given how late in the season we’re getting. Point for the pros on this project. 🙂

7 thoughts on “InstaYard

    • Yes, she lives a pretty good life, let me tell ya… 😉 She did really seem happy romping around back there yesterday afternoon. We’re just trying to avoid her doing her business on it too often for awhile so the roots don’t get damaged.

    • We will do our best to water diligently. Alex said he’d come back in 15 days to check on it too, so I’m sure he’ll let us know if things don’t seem right.

  1. Ollie must be very happy to work in such a nice yard! We also found our backyard landscaper on Angie’s List a few years ago. It’s a great service. p.s I just made your squash soup from a previous post so I’m all set for healthy lunches at work this week.

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