And The Winner Is…

Joyce Ketner is our lucky winner for the cold porcelain fern earrings! Thanks for being such a great follower. I will send the earrings next week. I am still concentrating on my step-dads recovery and will be back to blog next week too. Lindsey will be your source of blogging info. Happy November everyone. It’s almost time to put the tree up! 🙂

5 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. THANK YOU! I am excited to win the beautiful earrings! I have been out of town and finally am back to my home computer. I think I will treat myself to the necklace to match the earrings! Thanks again!

    • You are our best follower. I am sorry I put your last name in the post. I wasn’t thinking. Hope your not worried about it. Anyway, we are still in Rockford and hope to leave here by Tues. We will probably take two days to get home. If you are planning to buy the necklace then I will mail it all in the same box, so you have a few days to decide.I will watch for the purchase or if you decide not to buy, just let me know and I will send the earrings alone. We are hoping Pat will come home tomorrow . It has been a rough surgery. Rog spent the whole day building a ramp for Pat to use with his walker. His legs will always be weak because his vascular system is so sclerotic. Now we are getting him a plasma TV to surprise him before he gets home. Mom is buying it, we are doing the set up. Can’t wait to get home. I miss my bed and I really need to get back to my jewelry making. I am very glad I could be here with them for this surgery though. Mom is definitely having some increased dementia from all the stress. Its a worry going home, but David and Kathy will keep a closer eye on things and Steve lives an hour away. I’m sure we will be back more often. Life! Later, Pam

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