Trick,Treat, Squash Soup

Happy Halloween everyone! Nothing like Halloween to make you really have to fess up to fall’s arrival. In all honesty, though, fall is my favorite season! Maybe because I grew up with a massive maple tree in my front yard and it was so amazing to watch it’s colors change through the fall when I was little… and jump in its leaves that Dad painstakingly raked up. And since I’m constantly cold, I appreciate the chance to start layering up with sweaters. But it may also be the great, soul warming food that comes around this time of year! A recent favorite of mine, discovered last year, is butternut squash soup. My rendition involves a butternut squash, couple white potatoes, a carrot, a celery stalk and an onion in broth with a touch of butter and salt, pepper and red pepper seasoning. Piece-of-cake… well, it’s soup, but you know.

First, melt a few tablespoons of butter…

Toss in a chunked up white onion and the celery to sweat down and soften up (the beauty of this soup is it will be pureed later so no fancy cutting needed!)

While the onion and celery are heating up, break down your squash. I like to cut across the middle, separating the top column-shaped piece from the round base piece, like so…

Then it makes it pretty easy to run my knife down the sides to peel it. You could also use a peeler, but since the skin is rather tough, I prefer the knife method.

When you have the two pieces, it becomes apparent why to do the first division separating the top and base because only the base has the seeds. So you scoop ’em out like you do to clean your Halloween pumpkin and chunk up the whole squash— the thinner you chop your squash, the faster it will cook, so you can base that on how much time you have until dinner.

Also break down two white potatoes and a carrot (I did three potatoes here to stretch it a bit, but two is really better… let’s the squash shine more). And I leave the peels on the potatoes after a scrub to increase the fiber and vitamin load.

By this time, your onions and celery should be soft and glistening. Season them up good with salt and pepper …

and then add all the squash, potato and carrot to the party. Make sure to keep seasoning with salt and pepper with each addition. I also add ground red pepper for a little heat, but you may prefer to add this at the end so you can really temper it to your taste.

Once everything is in the pot and seasoned, add a 32 oz. container of broth (vegetable, chicken, whatever you prefer)…

and add a lid to bring the whole pot up to a simmer. Then you’ll just let it all bubble until everything is fork tender and starting to just fall apart a bit.

Then the power tools come out! I do really love this soup, but half the reason I even make it is because I love blending the heck out of it with our Cuisinart Smartstick hand blender. You could also pour it into a regular blender in batches, just be careful of molten hot vegetables!

Some may prefer to leave things a little textured with some chunks of veg, but I like to blend it down to a puree. Moms with toddlers, this is dinner for you and the little one!

And ta da! Healthy, tasty Halloween soup 🙂 Adjust your seasoning- salt, pepper, red pepper until it’s super tasty. Serve with cornbread or other favorite bread and butter for a meal and enjoy.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

6 thoughts on “Trick,Treat, Squash Soup

    • Would be totally vegan if you replaced the butter with olive oil, but I’m more of an ‘everything in moderation’ girl so I’m pretty generous with the butter in an all-veg recipe like this one 🙂

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