Beautiful Day in Tennessee…But What’s Ahead?

Friday I quickly took some pictures before I left to go shopping with Caroline for the day. I was waiting for her outside and it was just one of those days that we shouldn’t take for granted. Just beautiful! So I ran inside to get my camera and  snapped these few pics, then off to Pottery Barn and Home Goods. Oh Boy!

I just love how full and beautiful these are this year. They look like hedges. I think its all the watering we did.

I always look forward to these fall colors in the yard. I’m still working on the front garden beds. I need to get some yellow and burgundy mixed in with these lovelies.

Normally we go up to the mountains and take fall pics. We just never got to it this year. I’ve gotten some knock your socks off pictures the past years. But we have plenty of beauty to enjoy just from our yard, including the mountains. I have a feeling I will be taking pictures of snow on them in a few days due to the doozy storm that is coming.

This is the front bed that I want to fill with Hostas. It’s a big space and needs to be less work. I just had fall Iris blooming to the right there, but I took them inside to enjoy. I also planted a lot of Daffodils amongst the Azaleas, so this area is very pretty in the spring. Well as of today, we are rainy, dreary and cold (54) and sure it’s going to get a bit worse. They are predicting heavy snow in the mountains and very possibly in the plateau too. So everyone in the line of the storm, take care and Happy Halloween!

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