On the move…

Just a quick life update! Finally got to my computer through the rubble… moving has progressed from packing up in Pittsburgh…

…to driving most of our stuff down to the new place in Virginia!

Now we are moving forward with the process of clearing out the basement of boxes, getting oriented in VA and working like dogs…

Can’t wait to get settled a bit and update you on putting together our new home!

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6 thoughts on “On the move…

  1. I see Ollie was supervising the drive… I’m sure you and Chad will have the new place whipped into shape in no time and you’ll be busy with lots of fun new decorating projects!

  2. Moving is so exhausting! At least you have not been married long enough to accumulated as much junk as Blaine and I had when your mom and dad and friends helped us move! I think she will agree with that. Looking forward to seeing pics after you get all settled in. 🙂

  3. It makes me sad seeing that lovely living room that you put SO MUCH work into being emptied out! But on to bigger and better things I guess! I miss you, lady – we need to chat soon!

    • I know! But the nice thing is I have a starting point for the new house instead of starting all over gain. So it is not wasted! We just won’t think too much about the floors… oh, the floors!!!

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