Cold Porcelain

So a week or two ago I started to tell you about my cold porcelain that I was making and testing for future jewelry. Well it works and after one bad batch of clay, I think I have the hang of it. It is very fun to work with, a mess to make, but fun to play with. I have made pieces where I have colored the clay with my latex paints or colored chalk. Some pieces I create and then I paint them.  I am now working on Monarch butterfly wings. They are actually drying right now as I write. I plan to use them for pendants. Now, just to remind you what this stuff looked like before I finished it, here is a reminder pic. Not too pretty. Most of what you see went in the garbage, due to the BAD batch of cold porcelain. Then I will show you some pieces I am quite proud of.

These are my filigree pockets or baskets. I”m not sure what name to call them. Probably pockets fit best. They remind me of the old wall pockets I used to collect.

Another shot. This particular ivory color is tough to take pictures of. But I’ve gotten it as close as I can to real life. This and the others I will show you are on my etsy site.

And then I made a black one by tinting the clay first. It really gave it a nice rich matte black color. I then added a patina with German Silver Gilders paste. I love living in kindergarten. It’s so fun!

Let me know what you think of these little gems. I really enjoy making them.I  have imprinted the clay with a filigree piece( and my finger prints). I think the filigree gives it a Victorian look, or vintage appearance.

I love ferns, so I have done a few different pieces with the fern imprint. It has a fossil appearance.

I also made earrings to match this pendant. Here are the earrings.

I make my jewelry with silver plate, gold tone brass or antique gold tone. All the jewelry I am showing you are already is listed on my PeeGee Jewelry site on Etsy. I am terrible at figuring out all I need to learn on my Facebook business page, also called PeeGee Jewelry. These pieces are all on there too. Is it so terrible to beg our readers to go” like” the pieces so I can get my” likes” up? I never thought I would be begging to get my social media working for me. But… I will give away a pair of these earrings to someone that helps me out. All you need to do is go to my Etsy shop and” like” the items (hopefully you really do). It can be any  one or more items that you really do like. Then come back to our blog and leave a comment on what piece you liked. At the end of Oct. I will decide the winner by drawing a name from the ones that “liked ” my jewelry. I will announce the winner Nov. 5th on our blog. So go win some earrings! It could even mean you will have a jump on your Christmas shopping. It’s a win-win situation.

 I am creating these little petals in any color for bridesmaids earrings. I can’t wait to show you my butterfly wings… It’ll be soon!  Now go get in the drawing.

2 thoughts on “Cold Porcelain

  1. These are very pretty. I think my favorites are the green ferns. I’m not familiar with this material so I was wondering about the weight of the pieces, especially the earrings?

  2. They are very light. You can’t feel any weight when wearing them. The pocket necklaces are also light, but enough weight to keep it hanging straight. Good question Joyce. Thanks for asking. I hate earrings that make ear lobes sag. We do not need any extra sagging anywhere!

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