Quilt Show In Full Swing

Thursday at 11:00 we started  setting up for our quilt show that takes place on Sat. and Sun. Remember the theme is “Liberty Garden”. So lots of red, white and blue. We got the front of the rec center done and then did the main entry hall. I think it is best to wow people as they come in and let the quilts do most the decorating for the rest of the center. Although we did have bits of pennants and rusty cans of flags throughout.

This is the backdrop for out Opportunity Quilt that people buy tickets for a chance to to win. The pool is in the background, so I used burlap to make a backdrop. This helps show off the  quilt.

I had this quilt down lower than this, but after I left, some of the ladies thought they would send  her to the ceiling. Not my choice, but it worked.


Roger earning his husband points. He helped last show too. I do not care for most heights anymore so he does the high stuff. We strung pennants throughout the whole place. Handmade pennants was  an easy deco that made a big statement.

We make and donate numerous quilts to charity each year. In fact about 1000 in a year. We had clothes lines in this area for the community quilts to hang on.

This radio flyer sat under the opportunity quilt. Well all in all,we had a very successful show. Everybody was tired and just wanted to get home and relax . Got in my jammies by 7pm. I am happy to say that ” My Quilted Chair” got 2nd place in the “Other ” division, and my “Garden Shed” took second place in the “art quilt” division. So I was pretty thrilled!

And I am happy to say…That’s a wrap!

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