PeeGee Jewelry…Focused on Christmas

I have been a bit lax about getting my posts done, because I’m putting my all into my Etsy shop, PeeGee Jewelry. Plus, Lindsey is on the move and starting a new job, so bear with us. I thought now I’d fill you in on some of the things I am working on for the shop. I have been making a lot of jewelry in semi-precious stones lately and really enjoy it.  I am also experimenting with cold porcelain. I am making pendants and will offer personalized initial pendants with the cold porcelain. It dries harder than Sculpy Clay. It’s really fun and I have lots of ideas. Today I made about 10 new pieces and we had such a beautiful day, that I thought I’d set them on the floor in front of my sewing room window to dry. Then I proceeded to step on 4 of them. Bad idea. I have also been using Gilders Paste in a color called German silver. It is a cream that looks like a cross between silver and gold. Very fun to work with.

This is the cold porcelain. It does take a bit to dry. It shrinks as it drys and then I paint it and gild it. The feather is going to be a blue jay feather and a component for a necklace. I found cold porcelain info on YouTube. Hopefully it works. Half of the pieces are just about dry now. It’s supposed to be very hard when it is totally dry. Some people make flowers out of the stuff and you would think they are real. Unbelievable!

This is a resin focal piece that I am working on. It comes in a yellow/cream color. I have been painting it and mounted it to a filigree that I have folded over the resin piece. I then  use Gilders Paste to add the soft gold/silver color. I’ve added beads, but it is still in the “look at everyday” phase until I get it just where I want it. In fact, today the color has changed somewhat.

This one that I have completed and put in my shop already. I love blue. I’m pretty happy about how it turned out.

This is how I come up with designs. I try various beads until I’m happy. I have since changed the flowers to a brown burgundy color and bits of orange on the thistle-like objects. It will soon be in my shop.

Here is a good example of what the Gilders Paste does. The filigree under my resin piece used to be blue.  I painted the filigree orange, let it dry and then applied the paste with a cloth. It’s amazing stuff. It will work on almost anything. I am going to try it on wood. Why do I have to sleep? So much to do… so little time.

In the meantime, I have a little dye vat going on in my sink in my craft room. This became two necklaces today. I actually dyed some pink, blue and orange silk too. I keep my dyes in containers, so when I need to dye something I just get the container out and dump my fabric in. I will definitely use some dyed silk in my quilting in the near future. Silk takes dye so beautifully and really adds to a quilt project. Below are the two necklaces and earrings I made today with the silk. What do you think? Too artsy? Love it?  Hate it? Let me know what you think. I need constructive criticism.

The color appears brighter in the picture. The beads and the silk are actually a light lime. Fabric necklaces are so comfortable to wear. This necklace at the bottom is lime Magnesite and the dark green is Yellow Turquoise. Huh? That is what they call it. The necklace above is lime Magnesite and pink Crazy Agate. I am trying to get some pieces made every day. I am signed up for labs with Etsy to pump up my shop and be ready for the busy Christmas shopping season. Etsy really does a great job of helping you run your shop. I have a online Etsy buddy for our Holiday Boot Camp. Her name is Tasha, and she also has a blog, so you will be seeing her beautiful jewelry from the great state of Washington. Be sure and check out Etsy for your holiday shopping. Help the artists out. They are good people even if they make crazy stuff (it makes us happy!).

One thought on “PeeGee Jewelry…Focused on Christmas

  1. Once again, I love it all! I also love your comment “why do I have to sleep” — I can see you all excited and wanting to do it all, right now! You have inspired me to try to remake some vintage jewelry into “new” pieces. Did you see my email? 🙂 So far all I have is bags of old beads and “pearls” I got at an auction. I ordered a book online and hopefully I can call you with my questions.

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