Halloween Decos

Well, I have quickly added Halloween to my fall decos. It seems like every year I get a little lighter. Less is more, right?

I need to improve upon my black pot. I plan to put one of those white flat-looking Princess Pumpkins on the top of that pot. Just imagine it in your head and I’ll save money not getting the job done. 🙂

The sad thing is, living in a retirement community, you usually don’t get Trick or Treaters. However, we did get a bunch of golf carts cruising for adult beverages last year. Life changes!

These are some of my little buddies that I collect. I’m a sucker for Halloween.

The oak tree branch you see is the culprit that made me get the decos out. I saw it laying in the yard and wallah! I went and got the orange Rubbermaid’s out of the loft. We usually had a serious Halloween Party at our community club to go to every year. But the person that ran it evidently wants someone else to take over. This hat is one of my favorites that I used to wear. I thought it looked great on the mirrors. By the way…I was going to share the new mirrors with you earlier, but didn’t get around to it. I picked up the two outer mirrors in gilded gold- of course at a yard sale- $10.00 each. I painted them my usual creamy white, and lined the wall with mirrors. Our house can get dark due to so many trees around us. That particular wall doesn’t  have any windows until we put the new door on, which helped immensely. So, I thought I’d try mirrors which reflect the back yard and our pond. I think  it brightened the room and makes it feel bigger as if there were windows there. Another thrifty project that gave me much happiness.  Anyhoo… here is my hat.

And here is a shot of the mirror wall. What do you think?

I made this Halloween pillow last year. I don’t do much embroidery, but I love the Crab-Apple Hill Patterns. Very vintage cottage- look patterns. I also have the Halloween quilt pattern. Not sure I will be getting it  done very soon… but some day.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Decos

  1. I love all your decorations, especially with your newly painted front door. I also love the mirrored wall. Could you make one for me? I was unable to leave a comment in the comment place so I’ll just send this in an email instead.

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