Quilt Show Just Ahead!

Our guild quilt show is almost here. It runs October 13th and 14th. I am Co-Chair with my friend Claudia and we have been thinking about and planning this for 1 year. Our show is every two years and we were on the decorating committee the last show. Our theme is “Liberty Garden”, from the name of our opportunity quilt that we will be giving to a lucky winner. This quilt was made by our applique bee and I think they have done a beautiful job

We have chose to do a red, white and blue, garden theme this year. Our show is every 2 years, and Claudia  and I were on the decorating committee the last show.  We ran with our theme, Tennessee Colors. We keep our designs a secret until we set up. It’s fun to surprise everyone and allows us to go on OUR ideas. The quilt show takes up a whole rec-center, and a large part of the quilts are hung on big racks that have large wooden bases. The guild always wants something at the bases  so no one trips. We spent $230.00 on mums the last show, which I think isn’t the best use of our money, so I nixed that idea this year. We planned to be as green and economical as possible. I collected large restaurant cans and sprayed them to look rusty. My motto is “spray paint is your friend.”  Right Linsdsey? We got together and made tons of newspaper flowers, pattern tissue flowers, like McCall’s pattern paper, and coffee and cupcake paper flowers. They will go in the cans with flags and pinwheels. I did buy 200 flags of various sizes and spent $73.00 that will set the tone and we can reuse them.

Today we got together and stuffed the large cans with their arrangements so all we have to do is set them in place. We are thrilled with how cute they turned out. Don’t you think they look great? Each arrangement cost about $1.50 to make. The flag and the spray paint were the only cost.  I ordered the flags online which is a much cheaper way to go. OH I forgot, I did buy a bag of sand at $2.42 and put it in grocery bags inside each of the 18 cans so they are weighted. So whats a few more cents? We also assembled canning jars with beans and flags and flowers from cupcake papers and 3 bargain pinwheels Claudia found on clearance. She is the Clearance Queen! These little jars will be at each of the shop vendors that will be at the show.

This trellis will be used also. Roger found it at a neighbors that had no use for it…ok…he was dumpster diving. But it sure is going to work great! All show pics later when its all decorated.

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